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What Men with “Small” Penises Should Know…

For a start you probably aren’t as small as you think and I have good news for you if you worry about your perceived smaller size… would you like to know what it is?

Most men I’ve come across think that they have to be big and thick for women to really enjoy having sex with them and that’s just not true, size doesn’t matter and I covered the physical logistics of the size debate in my “Does size really matter?” article.

Now what feels great for one woman, won’t for the next. So guys, you don’t need to be huge in order to be considered a “Stud”. You just have to know how to blow her away using everything you’ve got!

What is the main goal of the sexual act anyway? Well if you ask most men it’s a about them having an orgasm, or if he’s a giving kinda of guy, for her to orgasm and occasionally you’ll find men whose goal is for both. There is also a false perception that getting women to orgasm has more to do with penetrative sex than anything. I’ve met some guys who have a donkey size penis and think that it’s the size of their tool that does all the satisfying… Guess what guys, WRONG, WRONG WRONG!

If you can get a woman orgasm, great, but here’s the shocking truth: She doesn’t have to have your penis to be completely satisfied! There are exceptions to every rule so some women do, and that’s just their thing. Some people prefer chocolate over vanilla; some women prefer penis over tongue but what men fail to realise is the having an orgasm with a penis is not a mandatory element to a mind blowing experience!

And that’s what it’s all about; the WHOLE experience you give her. If she’s been with men who have a my-big-cock-is-all-she-needs attitude and use mostly that one tool, then they are missing the gold and you get to be the knight in shining armour; the one who can show her how many other things can get her to the same place. Think about it, if you have 3 things stimulating her at the same time rather than just one, how many times hotter do you think she’ll be? Trust me, guys who are multi-talented are the ones we play with more often than the ones that have a large tool and nothing else to offer.

Let me make this blatantly obvious, since I know many men don’t get subtlety, you have a tongue and fingers which can be even more magical than the tool between your legs. In fact using various combination’s of all 3 will have her begging for more and sharing your Sex God status with her girlfriends! The key to getting that right, with either your tongue or your fingers (or both) is finding out what she likes and how she likes it and then paying attention to the reaction it gets, if she’s getting right into it – keep going! I’d suggestion not changing if she’s in the groove of it or else she can lose momentum.

Another area that is completely underused by the I-have-a-9”-tool-so-I-don’t-need-to-do-anything-else men is their ability to be sensual and passionate (now there are exceptions to the rule, not all large cock men are clueless). Seriously, it’s not all about the penis and I’ll keep saying it until you get it.

I’ve come across a number of women that say things like “he wasn’t very big but damn he was good”! We have a whole body and for many of us, our hot buttons are in our minds and places other than inside our vagina’s, so spend some serious time caressing, kissing us in all places, talking to us and engaging our imaginations.

Here’s a hint; we all want to feel special, like we are the most beautiful woman you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Don’t be afraid to flatter us and point out our gorgeous and sexy bits but be sincere about it. You’ll be surprised just how much it impacts our ability to be sensual and sexually responsive. Going straight for the “let’s fuck” option is narrowing your success greatly and won’t get you an encore request.

Now while you may feel that you lucked out in the size department, thank your lucky stars because in general, guys that have big cocks have got no idea how to really please a woman. I usually find that the guys who are “smaller” (even though I think they’re more than fine!), go the extra mile to “make up for it” and end up being better lovers. I for one will have a good lover back any day over one that has larger equipment; I want a man who knows how to use what he’s got.

So what you need to know is your penis size is not the thing you should be focussing on, being creative and using everything you have, is. Guys with 9” cocks don’t have any advantages over you other than to fit inside the small amount of women who have a preference for that size (NB: this is not the majority), you are perfectly fine as you are and if you want to be considered a Sex God, all you need to do is take the time to find her hot buttons and press on those repeatedly, which is as easy as just paying attention!

Here’s to your sexual evolution!

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