Welcoming Today FM’s Fifi and Jules to Swinging

Welcoming Today FM’s Fifi and Jules to Swinging

Well it’s not often you get a radio station emailing you to ask if you could introduce some of their team to the swinging world. Ok, ok, it’s happened more than once but still, always an adventure for me!

So Fifi and Jules do this thing every few weeks where one of them is blindfolded and ends up in some sort of challenging situation (often orchestrated by the other). It’s called the “Black Out Challenge” and on this occasion, their first week back after the Christmas break, the Producer opted to have them both blindfolded.

Jules from Fifi And Jules on Fox FM

Jules from Fifi And Jules on Fox FM

They were looking for a super challenging and uncomfortable environment to kick off the new year… So what better than to put 2 people who are happily vanilla partnered (to other people), in a Fetish Club surrounded by a bunch of swingers who are talking to them as if they are being sussed out to join in with them after! Hmm… Yeah, I think this situation may have fulfilled the criteria nicely.

I never quite know how it’s going to go when it comes to media opportunities; I am super conscious of making sure whatever happens doesn’t reflect badly on the scene or the people in it, so was honestly hesitant to partake in this “prank”.

This is mostly because I feel a certain responsibility to make the scene welcoming and safe for the new and curious… And Jules definitely filled the “curious” category. Fifi… well, not so much but she did well to get involved. And by that I don’t mean “involved” involved, just so we’re clear.

Me and some of my awesome swinger friends (who took a gamble, like me, to help me out this particular evening), arrived nice and early to meet the owner of the establishment (name withheld for privacy reasons) and to be briefed by the Producer for how we were going to approach the swinging discussion with Jules and Fifi. I still wasn’t sure taking the angle of it being a “meet and mingle” was the best idea, but we went with it.

They were eventually led up the stairs with their iPods in and blindfolds on… Actually, the blindfolds kind of fit since we were sitting in a fetish club! They were sat down in the big leather chairs while we sat around on the comfy couches, it almost had a fishbowl type quality to it. The chair Jules was sat in was big and black, and just happened to have some tie down rings on the tops of the arms… Needless to say, we were all amused and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought it would be more fun to get some restraints on him. Only for the full effect of course *wicked laugh*

And then the conversation began, which can be heard on the podcast… Well, most of it can be. What isn’t on the podcast is Jules, all sparkly eyed, saying he had 1000 questions he wanted to ask and didn’t know where to start! He was definitely like a kid in a candy store with his wide eyes, inability to sit still in his chair and often being distracted by the fetish porn showing on the screen above our heads. Lots of laughs were had and many questions asked with equally more answers given than you’ll ever hear about. From memory there were more discussions about fetishes and sharing partners, you know, the good stuff!

All things considered, it went pretty well in my book. Today FM got an attention grabbing Black Out Challenge and I got an opportunity to do what I do best; open people’s minds, push a few boundaries, answer questions and have a great time with a bunch of awesome people! Add a couple of Jack and Dry’s to the mix and I’m a very happy woman 🙂

Once it was all done, we collectively decided that Jules and Fifi were not quite ready for our little group, so they went on their way (to be photographed in the swing and stocks… as you do) and we went on to… Well, you know how it goes; there are some things I don’t need to share hehe.

You can check out what Fifi and Jules are up to here on their Facebook Group or on their Website.

If you see them, tell them I said hi and looking forward to seeing them again somewhere (just got an image in my head of seeing them in corsets and fishnets at Saints and Sinners… LOL! Love my imagination!)

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