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Picobong Kaya

Picobong Kaya

Chantelle’s Rating
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What It Is

The PicoBong Kaya Rabbit Vibe – “Not your average rabbit”.  PicoBong is a new brand from leading Swedish intimate design company LELO, who we all know, love and adore for the quality of their toys. According to the website: “Kaya stands for mind-blowing pleasure—times two. Dual-action vibrations perfectly contoured to the female form, fully waterproof, with a soft, silky exterior and superior power. Kaya is the new rabbit in the daisy field.

It is also made from non-toxic materials, only requires 2 AAA batteries, and waterproof up to 1m.  Yeeha!

What It’s Good For

Multi-erogenous zone stimulation for those times where the real thing isn’t available, or for extra fun playtime together.  It’s good for bath or shower play, and good for something different to keep your sex life buzzing with life and stimulation.

My Experience

Now I’m no stranger to a good old rabbit vibe and I was seriously wondering what it could really bring to the table, which hadn’t been done before.  It had the smooth edges, which is the typical Lelo style, and usual rabbit shape but no rotating beads in the head like some other brands.  So really, what was this “new” toy going to wow me with?

The answer was not in the shape, the smooth lines, or the fact it was waterproof (although that is a one up on many other rabbits), the sauce was in the functions!  With the buttons on the side, nicely molded into the shaft, I discovered a new favourite vibe setting, which stimulated my clit and G-spot and had me writhing with pleasure just holding it in place!

Other rabbits I own or have played with, often have separate settings for the clit stimulator and the shaft, most do an increase of intensity and speed.  Occasionally you get ones which do an on/off setting but what I loved about the Kaya was the on/off vibration pattern where the shaft was on and the clit stimulator was off, then it switched.  So it was like a G-spot buzz, then a clit buzz to tease and pleasure, which you could turn up or down.  I may have just kept turning it up 😉

I can be quite sensitive so both at the same time can feel good, but it can also be too much so this setting really worked for me! I mean it REALLY worked for me!  Practically in the fetal position with my hands between my legs, Kaya in place, stimulating one hot zone then the other; I was happily in my own orgasmic little world.

I was impressed with this little function alone even though the bulk of it wasn’t new.  It is smooth, sleek, waterproof, anatomically well designed to bit your sensitive bits with ease and flexible to be able to suit most women’s shapes.  All up, for a rabbit style vibe, it had all the expected rabbit features and just a little more.  So saddle up a Kaya rabbit and ride yourself to orgasmville , I say!

If you would like to learn more or purchase this toy, go to Picobong.com.

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