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Traditionally, Penis Massage has been recommended for all kinds of ailments, from birth to other problems, and can also temporarily improve the hardness of an erection. The effectiveness of this massage largely depends on the condition of the penile veins and tissues. Penis massage is also an excellent way to stimulate the flow of blood to the penile area. It traditionally uses mustard oil, although olive oil is thought to be more beneficial, due to its medicinal properties.

Jelqing technique

The jelqing technique adds girth and length to the penis. According to Dr. Seth Cohen, director of male and female sexual dysfunction at NYU Langone Medical Center, jelqing increases penile tissue by stretching blood vessels and causing micro-tears. The body heals these tears by creating new tissue and reshaping the penis. By utilizing the jelqing technique, the penis can be stretched an additional two inches.

The jelqing exercise increases blood flow to the penis area and stimulates production of semen and testosterone. Besides increasing the girth and penis size, jelqing can also improve libido, improve erection, and increase libido. For best results, jelqing should be done at least once a day for at least 20 minutes a day. However, you should follow the instructions carefully and take breaks to prevent overexertion. Be sure to stay hydrated and eat right.

When performing the jelqing technique, it is important to prepare the penis beforehand. The penis should be warmed with a warm towel or heat pad before jelqing. It is essential to wash your hands thoroughly before jelqing, as detergents and soaps can interfere with the lube. While jelqing, background music is a good choice to help you relax. Avoid using hot oils or sexual enhancing creams, since these can cause irritation and burn to the sensitive penis tissue.

In addition to these benefits, jelqing can also cause negative effects. It may cause tissue and ligament damage, causing erectile dysfunction. Additionally, it can result in increased pain during sex. For this reason, it is important to learn proper jelqing techniques. If you can’t afford to take a class, find a professional. You can also check out online forums to find tips on penis jelqing techniques.

The jelqing technique should be performed on a partial erection with micro-tears in the penis. Most experienced jelqers practice for 10 to 20 minutes each day. The technique should last four seconds. However, if you’re unsure about how long to hold a penis erection, repeat the exercise several times. And don’t forget to take a rest afterward to recover from the jelqing technique.

King Cobra oil

A man’s penis is an essential part of his sex life and King Cobra oil is designed to make it as enlarging as possible. The oil helps men achieve a firmer erection while minimizing discomfort and pain associated with premature ejaculation. The benefits of King Cobra oil massage are numerous and include increased virility and a better ability to have a prolonged, lasting erection. In addition to increasing sexual performance, King Cobra oil massages also help to reduce inflammation and pain of internal organs like the prostate gland.

Regular massages using King Cobra oil improve the health of the organ by reviving the nerves and increasing blood flow to the area. More blood means more nutrients for the cells and better sensation. Increased blood flow also strengthens the tissues and repairs weak or damaged tissue. This boosts the performance of the penis and can even reverse some underlying medical conditions, such as enlarged prostate glands.

One of the most popular products for penis massage is King Cobra oil. It is an oil-like substance that is made with herbs and has zero side effects. The oil is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and is safe for both males and female partners. The effects of King Cobra oil will be noticeable over time. The male body will feel rejuvenated and will have greater vigor. A male’s penis will feel firmer, fuller, and more vibrant.

King Cobra oil can cure erectile dysfunction by increasing the size of the tissues that line the shaft of the male organ. It also curbs pain associated with erections. This allows males to enjoy intense, back-to-back erections without any pain. Additionally, King Cobra oil can help men achieve optimum stiffness for longer periods of time. These results are impressive and should be considered as a result of penis massage therapy.

There are also several king cobra gummies on the market. These are clinically tested and herbal supplements that increase the quality of erections and increase male libido. They also improve sexual performance and enhance orgasms. And they’re easy to use. So, whether you’re a man of middle age or a man of advanced age, King Cobra gummies are for you.


There are many benefits to jelqing, from improving sex life to increasing your confidence. You may even have heard that jelqing can help men with bent penises and Peyronie’s disease. Jelqing is a simple procedure that doesn’t require any special equipment. All you need is a ring, your index finger, and your thumb. A few tips for performing the massage will make the process go smoothly and effectively.

The main benefit of jelqing is that it increases blood flow to the penis, which will make it easier to achieve an erection. While there isn’t enough research on the subject, a few men have reported gaining 1.5 inches of penis length or girth over the course of eight months. The gains will only last if you continue jelqing regularly. In addition, jelqing can also cause damage to the penis tissue, so be sure to use protective creams before performing this exercise.

In addition to increasing girth, jelqing can increase penis length and girdness. Just remember to warm up your penis first before doing the exercise. If the procedure causes pain, stop it right away and use a different technique. Generally, jelqing takes about 10 minutes a day. But you should not perform it too often or it may cause discomfort. You should warm up before performing jelqing, and avoid doing it too often.

While jelqing is a recent fad, it is a very effective way to increase penile girth and length. In addition, it stimulates microtears, which are the result of increased cell reproduction. These microtears encourage growth of new penile muscles. When paired with regular erections, jelqing will enhance your girth and length.

While jelqing may increase penis length and girth, it can also cause the penis to appear thicker, bigger, and broader. In addition to boosting your ego, a longer, thicker penis will also stimulate your partner’s erogenous zone more effectively. Jelqing may even improve the overall quality of intercourse. That’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Jelqing oil

Aside from the many health benefits associated with jelqing, it can also help improve your sex life. Proper jelqing techniques can enhance the quality of your sex life and improve your erection. The proper jelqing techniques can also help reduce your risk of developing erectile dysfunction. So, why would you want to use jelqing oil?

In order to perform jelqing, you need to have a partial erection. This allows the needles to penetrate the penile tissue and release the lubricant. Most people practice jelqing for ten to twenty minutes a day. Ideally, you should be at least 30 percent erection to get the best results. This way, you can easily achieve an erection and enjoy the benefits of jelqing.

One of the most common reasons for jelqing is to increase penile length and repair micro-tears. Besides enhancing erections and improving orgasm, jelqing can also help men improve their overall body image. In fact, it can even make a man more confident and attractive to his partners. So, if you want to increase your penile length, jelqing is a good way to make yourself look better!

There are several benefits of jelqing. First of all, it helps to make erections easier by stretching the penis blood vessels. Second, jelqing causes micro-tears in the penis tissue, causing new cells to grow in the holes left behind. This works similar to how weightlifting makes muscle fibers stronger and more flexible. Using jelqing oil can give you the same results.

While jelqing is an effective exercise, it must be done with caution. Do not over-jelqing or you could end up damaging your penis. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing and use heat before performing jelqing. It is important to practice jelqing for 20 minutes a day. Continue until you reach your desired length. The longer you practice jelqing, the larger your penis will become.

As a result of jelqing, your sex life is more fulfilling and satisfying. Unlike the use of sex enhancers, it doesn’t require any drugs to work. A therapist can suggest a treatment for your specific needs. There are several ways to get larger penis size. The first and most effective one is jelqing. The other method involves massage and stretching techniques.