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Connecticity – Speed Connecting for Adventurous Couples

You just turn up and we do all the work!

Next Connecticity – TBA. Details at the bottom of this page
The fastest way to connect (in person) with multiple people you might want to play with, without the wasting time chatting for hours online or chatting to fakes, going to multiple meet and greets, having to get interesting conversations started or the awkwardness of saying “sorry, we aren’t attracted to you”.

We create events based on the everyone’s “ideal connections” range and inviting only people who match, or have similar, ideal connection criteria. For example the 20′s and 30′s are often looking to connect with people in the same age bracket, so will keep them together and do a 30′s and 40′s, or 40′s and 50′s Connecticity another night.

This is not only for swinging heterosexual couples to meet other heterosexual couples, it’s also for bisexual couples wanting to meet other bi couples (or singles), Gay or Lesbian Couples to meet the same, as well as couples who want to meet singles (male or female) so there will be multiple events and you can come to which ever ones meet your ideal playmate criteria.

The process:

  • You register and fill out the “Ideal Connections” form (email the below address to request it) so we know who to put you in a room with
  • Email the form back with a current photo of your face and torso to connecticty @ (minus the spaces) to go on the register
  • We organise a Connecticity event in your city at one of our favourite venues, with as many of your ideal connections as possible
  • We contact you to say we have an event that has others who want to meet people just like you, THEN you confirm and pay for your event within 3 – 5 days of the event. You don’t pay anything to be registered with your ideal connections
  • On the night we facilitate conversations through ice-breakers and timed topics so you can get to know the people in the room
  • You get some “free networking” time to mingle and confirm who you’d like to connect with
  • You leave but not before you put in your “wish list” of connections
  • We go through the connections, match up the people who mutually want to connect and then SMS you all of their contact details within an hour of leaving the event

Whatever you do that night once you have their number in your hot little hand is completely up to you… 🙂

There are likely to be a few people in the room that you won’t connect with or are attracted to and that’s fine, the idea is to make at least one or 2 connections (or more if possible) and to have a great night either way.

Cost per couple is $70 or $35 for singles, which you don’t pay until we have an event ready with your ideal connections in it.

Cost includes all of the matching before and after the event, nibbles and a complimentary drink, and a small goodie bag to go home with!

If you don’t receive or make any connections on the night, you get free entry to another Connecticity!

Available in a capital city near you (if you are in Australia), register your interest now so we can start getting those groups together and spread the word – the more people we have registered, the more people we can connect you with and sooner! If 5 people/couples register and drop your name, you get a free double pass to a Connecticity Event valued at $70!

Current Schedule:

Melbourne, TBA – please register first
Sponsored by Luscious Escapes!

Fill out the form and email to connecticity @ (minus the spaces) to register now!

If you are having trouble downloading the form, please also email the above email address and one will be sent to you.