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I find it really interesting that as soon as you change your profile to bi-curious/bi that all of a sudden some couples don’t come near you… it’s that fear of “what if they touch me…”, almost a homophobic response… well it is really, isn’t it.

I guess what they don’t understand is that bi/gay people are not attracted to all others of the same sex, it doesn’t work that way. Just like hetrosexual people aren’t attracted to everyone of the opposite sex.

If someone expresses no interested in you, you tend to leave them alone. It’s the same with bi/gay people. In a swinging situation, if one or both of the other couple are expressly straight, we stay with “straight” play even if we’re attracted to the partner of the same sex. In most cases, Mr Wonderful isn’t really attracted to the guys anyway, it’s only been one person he’s felt comfortable enough to go there with so 99.9% of the male population is “safe”.

Actually, if he’s in a situation with straight people he is conscious of not making anyone uncomfortable as he used to have no interest in men at all. He’ll only participate in bi-play if there are others in the room doing the same thing, and most people we know who are bi/bi-curious are exactly the same.

This is to the straight people out there… if they have bi/bi-curious on their profile in only means they participate in extra activities when there are others in the room that are open to going there (and that’s not always a rule either, they may not be attracted to anyone of the same sex on that occasion). So if you like a couple who are bi, don’t let their sexual orientation be the reason you don’t meet them because chances are that they are probably more easy going and lots of fun to be with.

Here’s to your sexual evolution!

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