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Sexuality Can Be So Complex

Ok, so straight, bi and gay are well known and mostly accepted (depending on who you talk to)… but what about transgender and transsexuals?

I had a brilliant conversation with 2 awesome gay guys the other night and it occured to me that there is a whole other level of sexuality I hadn’t even considered!!! One of them was telling us about a friend of his who was a man but at some point became a woman… now just to help us all keep on track with this conversation, we’ll name him Tim and when he’s a woman – Tina! Are we all on the same page so far?

So Tim has taken hormones to start to look like Tina. Ok, I can cope with that… now the question of sexuality came up, who is he attracted to? He’s into men, so does that make him gay or straight? Did I mention this might be a brain bender discussion… anyway, to make things more interesting he doesn’t want to get the full chop and change sexes completely. He identifies himself as male, he just happens to like looking female.

Our other gay friend couldn’t get his head around why, if he’s happy to take hormones and dress as a woman that he wouldn’t want to do the complete change. Why be half and half? It’s a good question but apparently there are 2 kinds – those who still internally identify with their original sex and those who don’t, basically.

Tina by all accounts on the outside is female, but on the inside Tim enjoys the male parts he has, not unlike many bi men I know. This just limits the amount of people that are out there for Tim/Tina to find as a permanent partner though. He would have to find someone who likes him for who she is on the outside, but is essentially bi or gay…

There are other people out there that are transgender, so have done the full sex change, and are attracted to either sex. There are so many combinations of attraction and sexuality that my head is spinning… but I have come to a conclusion…

Sexuality isn’t black and white, there is a lot of grey areas and none of them right or wrong, no one is “confused” either… we’re just all exploring and working out what we like and what we don’t…

Here’s to your sexual evolution!

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