“I walk the boundaries and blur the lines – so others may wander into new territory.”

Saints and Sinners Ball

What it is:

According to the Saints and Sinners website: The Saints & Sinners Ball is quarterly erotic event where like-minded couples party, dance and play in a ‘no holds barred’ extravaganza of adult fun mixed with erotic costumes in an electric atmosphere!

What it’s good for:

It’s an opportunity to wear your sexy lingerie and costumes in a public arena, with other like-minded, adventurous people who are out to party, dance or hook up for flirty fun and more if you’re in the mood. It’s one of the only sex-on-premises events so it’s an anything-goes atmosphere, which is great for living out some fantasies if you have some that involve doing things in a public place, or with groups of people/strangers. You can’t get arrested here!

It also has a different theme every time so you can explore different looks, and you can increase your private costume collection knowing you have an excuse to get a new one every 3 months, at least! You can be as adventurous as you like with the theme too, and those that really go all out tend to get a little more attention, but at the very least, every one is dressed in underwear of some description… or less!

The beauty of it is that it’s a night club scene where you can drink and flirt, knowing that the other people at the event are also there to be able to do the same thing. There’s something exciting about being on the dance floor and being able to brush up against the people you think are especially hot, knowing that you’re not likely to get the “sorry, I’m married” excuse.

My experience:

I’ve actually been twice now and each experience was different. What I loved both times was the freedom to wear some very sexy outfits that I couldn’t wear in normal clubs, and I loved the freedom of being able to have sex in a public area, which was one of my own personal fantasies. That said, I only did that the first time even though the opportunity was always there.

From the second you walk in the door you are directed to the “area” where you can check your normal clothes in, since most people at least wear a coat or clothes over the top of their intended costume for the evening. It’s an efficient system for the most part, although it can be a little awkward for newbies or when it’s at peak in-flow. As long as you don’t rub your number off during the evening, you’re all good!

There are snacks and nibblies in various places which is a great idea, and security at the door to prevent any strays wandering in. We noticed that there was a small squad of police that wandered around throughout the night, which was both interesting for us and them I think. The ones that hadn’t patrolled this event before were somewhat awestruck at what they were seeing, and I’m pretty sure that on more than one occasion, they heard “I’ve been really bad…” in hopes that a sexy man in uniform might give in to temptation… or something!

This event isn’t marketed to any particular group so it attracts people of all ages, sizes, races etc; it’s an open event so it means that there is likely to be someone for everyone, and you may just meet some cool new people who become new playmates or friends. We sure did!

Although it’s supposed to be limited to couples and single women only, there have been single guys both times we went, and I’ve heard from other people that it has happened every time they go. Where there’s a will, there’s a way huh… They stand out like elephant nuts and while they are mostly harmless, some still come in with the attitude that everyone there is just hanging to have sex, and why not with them? Right there and then too sometimes; they can be a little pushy and if you’re keen to have them, perfect! I’m not sure how the organizers could do more to prevent them getting in, they’ve already got so many strategies in place; basically I believe they are doing their best on that front.

There were shows that happened periodically during the night, along with small competitions related to costumes etc. The main ones were strippers, one woman and one man. I actually thought the women were better (both times), but that may just be me. I’m not completely sure if the shows added to the event or took away from it as there were times when we were really getting into the dancing (especially later in the night), and then a show would come on which broke things up. The shows themselves were hit and miss, some were good, others not so entertaining. Every event is different though so make up your own mind. Oh and you don’t have to watch them, you can just go to the other dance area.

There were 2 dance zones played different music, which was more likely to attract a younger crowd to one and the older crowd to the other. It didn’t always work that way but still, there was a difference and it was good to have a choice!

The older crowd seemed to get into the sex earlier than the rest, which for me was a bit much, but the zones they were in were not main walk ways so I could avoid them if I chose to, as could anyone else who didn’t want to watch.

I think for me I would like to see a couple of different events that are age range targeted, however I’m not sure if doing that would increase the attendance to the individual events, or mean that the event would appear unpopular due to lesser numbers… It was just a thought. And could we get some cheaper drinks? Lol.

The advantage of going to this event is that you can stand around and fulfill your voyeuristic urges, join in, flirt with whoever or dance the night away with a few drinks. This event has the opportunity to do it all; to do as much or as little as you like. We had a lot of fun both times and look forward to going again to see who else we meet.

If you would like to join in the fun at the next Saints and Sinners ball, then check out their site. I might even see you there!

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