"I walk the boundaries and blur the lines – so others may wander into new territory."

The Playground – Bi Night

What I liked:

  • The people we met
  • Multiple play rooms including a private (invite only) room
  • It was a bi-friendly event

Our experience:

We arrived at the venue out in St Albans with another couple, because when going to a new club it’s sometimes best to have a back up plan, just in case you don’t find any new sexy people…

I think all four of us had similar first impression; we were all standing at the door of this 80’s style house in the middle of nowhere, wondering if we had done the right thing and wondering how seedy was this place going to be. Very quickly it was decided we’d check it out for a while and if it had no one attractive, that we’d bail together asap.

The owner greeted us; a very happy man who was wearing his almost see-through boxer briefs. To be honest, at this point I wasn’t convinced we were going to have a great night. He welcomed us inside, briefly introduced us to the other couple and 3 single guys who were all in the lounge room watching the royal wedding on the big screen, with music up and another TV with porn on it playing in the dining area in the same open space…

He told us the house rules, which were “don’t get it on the walls” and to use the condoms provided. Ok, no brainer, I don’t tend to get it on the walls lol. At that point there was a knock at the door and a tall, blonde, good looking 20 something guy came in. Things were starting to look up!

Our host then showed us around. The kitchen had a fridge full of soft-drink and space for drinks we brought with us (it was BYOG). Then down the hallway (a typical 80’s house design although it appeared to have been updated at some point), there were 3 bedrooms. One was off limits, I’m guessing it was his room, and 2 others with at least a double mattress on the floor and a big plasma TV with porn playing. The bathroom had a line up of colognes (seriously, there were at least 15 or more), which he encouraged the men to use, and one body crème for the ladies if we wanted it.

From there we went to the kitchen and made ourselves a drink then stood around chatting. We didn’t go into the loungeroom where the other couple and single guys were, the 4 of us stayed in the kitchen with the single good-looking guy. It was easier to chat in that area as the music wasn’t too loud and there were no TV’s to distract us from getting to know each other.

Over the course of the next few hours, more guests showed up, including a young man with 3 single girls, which is unheard of! When they came in the door we were all checking them out, as if we needed proof it was true… and well, it was. They were all new to the scene and it was their first time so the seasoned swingers in the room knew they would most likely sit back and check it out and probably not participate so much… surprisingly they got into a little bit later on but not so much in the groups that were happening.

Well it took quite a few hours for the house to heat up enough to start peeling clothes off, although the guys were almost ordered to strip down at about 10:45pm, presumably to get the females comfortable and move things into the play space… it really didn’t work because it was so cold. Also being that there were a bunch of new people mixed in with not knowing anyone, it took time to get the mingle and chat thing done.

At about midnight another couple showed up and they were HOT! Dare I say… By that point most were fairly relaxed, it was warm and people were getting a little antsy so finally around 12:30 – 1am, it was finally on!

As much as I’d love to kiss and tell, you won’t find it here but I’ll share a little something in my diary later.

While play was happening in the rooms, the hallways seemed to be filled with the single guys who weren’t in on the action, just lurking and watching. I don’t mind the watching thing but for some reason, it creeped me out a little. Perhaps it was the individuals who were there or the fact we couldn’t close the door if we wanted to. We did eventually close the door (about 3am) because we found it hard to concentrate on sucking and f*cking while people were talking about cleaning products loudly in the other room… The host then politely came in and opened the door saying it needed to stay open so they could watch. Hmmm…

We enjoyed the people we connected with and left at about 3:30am.

Areas it could be improved:

  • More heating to entice nakedness earlier in the night
  • A private room where the door can be closed as not all swingers are ok with being watched
  • Perhaps one room that is porn free? Although it can be turned off but not everyone is comfortable taking charge like that
  • Some ice breakers or some way of moving the action from chat and mingle, to naked and playing


Overall we had a good night but it was more to do with the people we met and not the venue. The host said he screened the individuals coming along and a few of the not-so-attractive guys won’t be invited back so that’s a plus but the venue wasn’t quite my style.

Would I go again?

Perhaps, but purely for the people and the fact is it a bi-friendly event.

Would I recommend it?

I would suggest you go along to check it out for yourself. It was good, even though it was not my ideal environment and I think I would need to go along a few more times to really get a feel for the people it’s attracting because at the end of the day, that is the most important part. A stylish venue is no good if the people there are not attractive to you.

Is it beginner friendly?

Yes, there was no pressure to play but no place to really hide (except outside or in the toilet) if you want a private play, which may not be ideal for the shy beginner.

You can find their events listed on AdultMatchMaker.com.au in the events section, they run other nights for singles, couples or both and non-bi events mostly. Bi-night is only the last Friday of each month.

You can also check them out for yourself here The Playground