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Rock Chick Vibrator

What it is:
The Rock Chick Vibrator is a funky looking vibrator that is designed to hit her G-spot (yes, the one that supposedly doesn’t exist) and stimulate her clitoris at the same time.

It’s made of medical grade silicone, which means it’s non-toxic and won’t make your insides sting like the cheap, toxic toys do. It’s flexible so will fit most women, comes in 3 different colours (purple, red and pink) and is waterproof for bath/shower play (yeeha!).

What it’s good for:
Orgasms! And not just any run of the mill orgasm either. Particularly good when one is on her own but good for fun times with others if they’re available. If you were to only have one toy in your bedside drawer, then this is the one you want because of it’s dual stimulation and rockin’ shape. Its like having a bullet, small vibrator, G-spot vibrator and dildo all in one!

My experience with it:
OMG! …I think that about covers it, lol! But since my legs are still jelly and this little purple U shaped toy has become my new best friend, I’m sure you want me to elaborate, right?

Well its easy to use, is a great shape and hits the spot well! I have to take my hat off to the designers of this one; they have done a great job. I have to admit that I’ve never been so experimental when playing on my own before. It’s a toy you can be a little more adventurous with and I highly encourage getting creative while getting to know your Rock Chick.

It says it’s hands-free and it is if you’re straddling something you can grind, or “rock”, against it is. Plus with no cords or bulky ends to contend with, you are free to rock against almost anything ☺ But when I wasn’t rocking I used my hands to move it in and out. It’s the movement that makes it incredible, so for fun I tried it in multiple positions with hands and rocking.

I found that due to it’s shape, it was easy to grip and to move to another hand position if I got tired ☺ I could grab the length of the front with my whole hand or use the tips of my fingers at the base of it, and then swap hands to either of those positions…

If you use lube or are naturally wet, chances are the toy won’t stay in a non-rock position long term without your hands or something holding it in place… and besides, its not as fun if it just sits there and vibrates, although don’t get me wrong, it still feels good.

It only has one speed, which wasn’t an issue for me this time around, but I could see at times it may need to be a little more powerful, or at least have the option to turn it up or down. Personally I think all vibrators should have a 3-speed minimum but that may be just me. Oh and it’s not very loud either, which is a big bonus! There is nothing worse than trying to be stealthy when it sounds like you took a chain-saw to bed!

I also tried using the Rock Chick on my mostly willing husband. I figured that if used on the right angle, it could also tickle his G-spot… And what man doesn’t want his G-spot stimulated for massive orgasms? I’m happy to report that it worked well, and I was even able to position myself up against him so I could stimulate my clitoris at the same time as use my pelvis to move it in and out of him. A funky new position which also increased the pleasure and fun for both of us ☺

So it’s a toy that you can use together or alone for her (and him if he dares). It is more designed for her though, and I guarantee that any girl will have a good time with her Rock Chick if no one else is available. It’s not as good as the real thing but a damn fine substitute.

If you would like to purchase this toy, go to AdultPriceMatch. A website that is to toys what CheapFlights is to air travel… You’ll find the cheapest price for any toy you want there 🙂

Happy toy shopping!!!




I hate to buy something that doesn’t have many reviews and this one only had one… I don’t like to spend money on something that might not work so i normally do a lot of research before i invest. The Rock Chick bullet vibe is amazing… Im glad i bought it.. although the only downfall is it only has one speed.. but for its size its REALLY strong..