"I walk the boundaries and blur the lines – so others may wander into new territory."

Luscious Escapes – Neo Tantra Night

What it is:

A night for couples to try out some neo (new) tantra techniques with their partners and/or other people who don’t mind joining in. It involves some instruction; learning some basic techniques and a brief overview of what tantra is before being able to use the various massage rooms to try it out with your partner, or whoever else happens to be a willing participant.

Tantra is all about sensuality, stimulating the senses and engaging the whole body in the experience, it’s not about sex specifically although there were no rules to say we couldn’t if we really wanted to. But the idea was to stimulate that “relaxed aroused” state through touch and energetic connection. I know, “relaxed arousal” sounds like an oxymoron but honestly, it can be done and it was an awesome state to be in!

What it’s good for:

It was a fantastic event for couples to get all oiled up and connect with their partners; taking the time to massage every inch of their naked and slippery body’s… Gently brushing past the usual sexual hot spots, enough to ignite it but not enough to put them over the edge (oh the fun of the tease!) For couples who are busy in their lives and don’t get enough time for long, slow, pleasurable fun (which is many couples), then this event was a breath of fresh air.

It was also a great event for couples who were curious, new to swinging or seasoned swingers who want to do something different. It was a great way to meet new people or to catch up with your favourite playmates in a different environment.

It was really good for the body in terms of relaxation, using muscles that I haven’t used in a while (when I was massaging others using my WHOLE body) and connecting in new ways with whomever I was with. It was nice to know that the intention was not to have sex but to see how relaxed and aroused we could make each other so it was REALLY good for that!

My experience:

We arrived not long after starting time, there were drinks made available and we were shown around before being introduced to the couples that were already there. The house it was in was beautifully lit with candles, soft music playing and a table of nibbles. There were 4 rooms with massage tables, towels and warm oil in readiness for the evening’s playfulness.

It was nice to mingle with people before we got into the instruction. There seemed to be a good mix of couples many hadn’t done this event before, some were swingers, some weren’t (so I promised to be gentle LOL!), and all around our age group which was really nice.

Once everyone arrived, it was time to break the ice! Girls went first (which I thought was a very good idea), the guys had to close their eyes and we were told to go find a guy we didn’t know… well that was easy for me, I didn’t know most of them!!! They had no idea who was in front of them but we got to gently touch their skin from their heads to their toes in a nice soft sensual way (not sexual, just so we’re clear) and then eventually we had a hand to heart moment of connection before they could open their eyes and see who we were. Then it was the guys turn to do the same 🙂

After that it was time to learn how to “do” neo-tantra. We were shown some basic massage techniques we could do on our partners at home on the lounge to help them relax and to connect (which reminds me, I should do). Then our instructor asked for a volunteer and guess who put his hand up?!?!? Much to my surprise, my very own Mr. Wonderful was the only one to volunteer his body for the sake of us learning… Mind you, I think it might have been the idea of having the tantra expert massaging his naked body was all the incentive he needed!

So off came the rest of his clothes and he was the first naked and on the table in 2 seconds flat! Such a boy… lol! Next came the handfuls of oil, and I mean handfuls, she was pouring it on him and I’m pretty sure he was loving it because the oil was nice and warm. The table didn’t have a towel on it, which we discovered was a big plus, because it meant that sliding hands underneath body parts was so much easier!

Our expert instructor spent some quality time on my man, showing us how not to touch the genitals directly but to slide passed them in numerous ways to create that relaxed aroused state. She jumped up on the table and used her body to massage his back, legs and arms with long sensual movements. It was actually very beautiful to watch as it was clear that she loves what she does, and like she said, “every body is beautiful”… We just had to connect with that!

She kept going but said we could all start trying it ourselves in one of the other rooms, at the same time some buckets came out and a foot massage and scrub was offered. Since I was there to try it all out, I figured I’d start there first. Kathy, our hostess, was very good at it so I’d highly recommend you give that a go!

Once I was all scrubbed and moisturized, it was time for me to see what was happening in the other rooms! First room I went into had a lovely lady face down on the table and 3 or 4 others all massaging her… Some were down to underwear, some naked… I can’t remember who said what but within minutes we were all pretty much naked and massaging 🙂

That lady jumped off after a little while, she didn’t want to “hog” all the attention, and one of the guys jumped on. I’d watched our instructor jump up on the table and use her body to massage Mr. Wonderful and was keen to give that a go, so up I went. The thing to remember here is that if you have your knees on the outside of their body, it’s easy to slip off so I recommend you have at least one knee between their legs, if not both because you will be using all your muscles to hold yourself in place, especially if you are using your whole upper body to massage. Using copious amounts of oil is a fantastic sensation but also makes EVERYTHING slippery so caution is advised 🙂

Soon enough people were even massaging the people massaging! So it seemed to be a nice all-in affair but without the sex, at least at that point.

During our instruction we were shown the good tantra techniques, which were all about the sensual touch and the tease, but later in the evening it led to a new phrase; “bad tantra!” which was said anytime someone consciously touched genitals directly. As the night went on, that phrase was said more and more often but along with lots of laughter as we were all having so much fun!

People moved from room to room as they wanted to explore trying other things, to massage someone new, or to watch what was going on. More and more oil was poured onto people and it wasn’t long before every body in the house was glistening and slippery which made for some interesting hugs and such as you had to brush…. Well, slide past people.

The atmosphere was that you could close the door if you wanted the room to yourselves or leave it open for others to join in which was good for newbies or for people who didn’t others involved. There was a shower, sarongs and towels provided for people who didn’t want to be naked or wanted to get all the oil off… Which we all did before we got back into our cars to go home.

We stayed till pretty much the end at 3am, most people were still there at 1am and slowly people started to finish up and leave from then. It was such a relaxed night, the people who attended were lots of fun and numbers were exchanged for future contact. Those who wanted to take it further than just good tantra, did and everyone was fine with it.

Wine was made available which was good if you were into wine, Mr. Wonderful is more of a beer man but that said, he was glad he wasn’t drinking because it made the experience much more sensual and he was more alert. It also meant that he wouldn’t get a hangover because the rooms were nice and warm, the oil was warm and lots of massaging makes for thirsty work. In an environment like that, it was important to hydrate constantly.

No one was really drunk although I think one or two may have had a bit too much but they had brought their own and had a bit of a moment between them… Nothing anyone else could do about it but hope they worked it out quickly! Meh, it happens sometimes…

Luscious Events ran a well-hosted event with something new that the swinging scene doesn’t have oodles of and while it wasn’t specifically a swingers event, it was really nice to do something different and learn something new in the process with a bunch of really cool people.

I had a chance to speak to some others who have done more than one event (if not all) and they said that each time it’s different, the people who come along bring their own magic and the instruction is evolving. I personally loved it and so did Mr. Wonderful. In fact we realized we have a massage table that was going to waste so guess what we are going to do – work on our tantra techniques!! The good and the bad ones 😛 *skips off to buy massage oil in bulk*

You can check them out for yourselves (http://www.lusciousescapes.com) they have a number of different events for adventurous couples, not just neo-tantra!