"I walk the boundaries and blur the lines – so others may wander into new territory."

Lick Melbourne

What I liked:

  • The music and having multiple rooms with different vibes
  • The dancers and performances
  • The option to dance in the cage
  • Having a VIP area
  • Having a predominantly girl only event

My experience:

We arrived at Room680 in Hawthorn about 45 minutes after opening and already there were long lines on either side of the door! We stood in line for about 15 – 20 minutes and hardly moved. It was interesting to do some people watching having not gone to a predominantly girl event.

After that I decided to see if being on the VIP list would get me and my date in any quicker, and it turns out it did! We were greeted with smiling gals at the top of the stairs and invited to go inside. I think if you were to see my face it would have been quite clear it was my first time lol.

Also good to note; we had the option to wear wristbands which made it easier for other women to know what your relationship status was. Green for “single” or free to hook up, red for “taken” and just there to dance, and orange for “it’s complicated”. There wasn’t one specifically for the swinging wife who is taken but open to meeting a girlfriend… Perhaps I’ll suggest purple for next time?

We arrived to see a fantastic club scene with music pumping, coloured lights going off and plenty of girls arm in arm, hand in hand, or just dancing closely together. It was a beautiful scene and one I wasn’t sure how to interact with, but thankfully I brought a date so I wouldn’t be alone and since my date was a girl, it would be easier to fit, or blend, in.

We got ourselves a drink, found the cloakroom and met up with the lovely Natalie who took us into the VIP area upstairs. It was overlooking the dance floor with it’s own bar, lounges and pole if you were so inclined (and some were throughout the night… I may have swung around it once or twice but I can’t be sure). The VIP area also had finger food and limited free drinks, well worth it!

A few drinks later and we’d settled into the vibe of the night, even dancing with some other gals in the VIP area, which was a lot of fun. Then somewhere around midnight the music chilled and all eyes were on the stage. It was time for a few thank you’s before the Lick Dancers amazed us with their gorgeousness and hot moves. I personally love a good choreographed piece and was delighted to see that we got more than one performance!

I was particularly happy there was only one break in the night for all the talk, a kissing comp (which was HOT by the way) and performances. I find events where there is periodic performances can really interrupt the vibe of the night.

After that it was back to the dancing, mingling and meeting new friends. I was fortunate enough to make a few new friends too (not to be confused with playmates).

The photographer wandered around and took photos of people who wanted be seen, and took some candid shots of those who weren’t as bold, but at all times (that I could see), he would show the photos to the person/people in them so they had an opportunity to say “hell no, take that one again!” or marvel at how awesome it turned out! Even at the end of the night, I still managed to look somewhat fresh in the photo of Natalie Zibung and I (pictured above)! On that note,I would highly recommend the talented and gorgeous Andrew Kneebone to photograph any event!

Time flew; we were enjoying ourselves so much it was 3am before we knew it! There was great music, lots of fun girls, awesome dancers, plenty of drinks and just a great overall party vibe. It wasn’t as packed as it was at 1am but still had a fair amount of girls dancing, drinking and having fun.

Areas it could be improved:

  • Find a way to speed up the door process so people aren’t waiting outside for 45 minutes or more to get in, they were getting restless.
  • Perhaps the team could remove the overly drunk people, or put them in a cab before they throw up on the floor or on themselves. I saw a bit more of that than I usually do and there is probably not much that can be done other than to ask the gals to be more aware of their limits.
  • Seriously, those 2 points are relatively minor, it was a great event.


We had a great night and even in a new environment (a mostly girl event), the Lick team and gals made us feel welcome, and it amazed me to see how many women were there, plus how well behaved the “man bags” were (even being the minority).

I got the opportunity to chat to a few people about the event, and all were impressed or loved it so much previously that they keep coming back.

Would I go again?


Would I recommend it?

Yes! This event is for any ladies who have any interest in gals; the bi-curious to the full on lesbian. This is a party for being able to dance, drink and hang out with girls who also love girls. Note: THIS IS NOT A SWINGERS PARTY and the women that go along are not looking to be a third in your bedroom. Generally, they just want to dance and hang out.

Lick runs every 3 months in Melbourne and in Sydney. Check out the
Lick website
and check out the photo gallery while you’re there. To see more of his awesome work, or to book the talented Mr Andrew Kneebone, check him out at Andrew Kneebone Photography.