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iVibe Rabbit

What it is:
The iVibe Rabbit by Doc Johnson is a vibrator and clitoris stimulator. Plain and simple really…

It is 5” long and 5” around at the base so it’s a good size not to break anything but big enough to feel good. It has a rotating head that is designed to stimulate the g-spot, with variable speed rabbit ears to provide clitoris stimulation. Inside the shaft is over an inch of rotating pearls.

The Rabbit is waterproof and is lighter than any other rabbit vibrator on the market making it easier and more pleasurable for you to use. It is Phthalate free, has multiple functions and multiple speeds, plus 3 preconfigured programs to keep you entertained.

What it’s good for:
If there is no man around, this vibrator can be used as a dildo (which would really be a shame because you’d be missing the magic this toy can bring in orgasmic bliss!) It has every based covered when it comes to the multitude of ways a woman can be stimulated. Well, except anally but then it’s a one hand toy so you figure it out…

My experience with it:
Well let’s see… It has been a while since I had some quality time with a rabbit and my first time with this little beauty lasted less than 3 minutes! I didn’t even have it in top gear!

The combination of the rotating head, the pearls, the clit stimulation and my hand moving it in a out a little was more than enough. Considering I wasn’t even partly turned on before I ventured to the bedroom with it, is a huge testament to its ability to stimulate.

Since my first experience was a short but intense one, I took my time after that to play with the settings to see what felt best. The clit stimulator was nice and gentle because it wasn’t direct, which really heightened the sensation for me. The rotating head on it’s own also felt really good because, like they promise, it just nicely rub against the g-spot and if you move it in and out slightly, that makes it even more intense!

The 3 function buttons in the middle make the rotating head and beads either go around and around in one direction, swapping direction, or swapping direction faster. I like the swapping direction functions as they seemed to create more stimulation for the g-spot.

There are no cords like the rabbits I’ve owned in the past, which was really nice. It was easy to slide in and use. The only thing I think that could be improved on this toy is an “ALL STOP” button because you have to either keep tapping or hold the “off” buttons for both the vibrating speed and the rotating speed to a complete halt. Many women I know become super sensitive after they orgasm, and at times I do too, so the problem starts when you can’t turn the toy off quick enough. It’s nice to have the individual controls so you can increase the vibe without changing the rotation speed (or vice versa), but when you want to stop, you often want to stop now.

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