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Review: Lelo Gigi 2

What Is It:GIGI_2_packshot_coolgray

The new version of Lelo’s Gigi vibrating toy, or “Pleasure Object” – Gigi II! Yay!

100% Waterproof, plug in rechargeable battery, even softer silicone and more power than it’s predecessor.  It’s a win!

What is it Good For:

This one has a unique tip which is brilliant for stimulating the G-Spot when one is on her own, or as the fluffer for the main event (unless there is a need to sneak away and finish something someone else started, it’s good for that too but shhhh, that will be our little secret).

My Experience With it:

I really liked the end of this one and with the usual Lelo multi-speed, multi-vibrate options ranging from a single speed to various speeds in one setting, including one seemingly random speed setting, it made for some interesting playtime and multiple deep orgasms (definitely got power this one).

For me I could really stimulate my G-spot with it, no extra hands or weird positions required, it was just the right angle and depending on what I really wanted in the moment, there was a setting to match.

The random one was fun in the beginning but for me it was a bit frustrating once I really got going; a bit like being with someone who just wants to tease and tease you when all you want to do is yell “f*ck me now!!!”

The only improvement I could think of was having a ring end that you could slide your finger in when you’re playing alone as it was harder to hold the toy at the right angle consistently when you’re hands are slippery and your vagina is clamping down on the toy as it tends to make it rotate to either side and off the glorious G-Spot (G for glorious perhaps?).  If you have someone else there they may have an easier time of it, or have a towel handy for better grip!

Apart from that one thing though, top quality as always, low noise, lasts for AGES (love these plug in rechargeable toys), multiple speeds and love love love the tip of this one.  Yes, I could happily play with the Gigi II all day, and I just might today… again!



Feel free to check it out or order one of your own – every gal should have a Gigi in her draw!

Find them here: Gigi 2  Or check out the sales sheet here for more details


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