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Relationship When “HAPPILY EVER AFTER’s”

Are So Damn to EASY Create!

Turn Your Relationship Around from Draining to Delicious!

I’ve been where you are… See if any of this sounds familiar:

couple with wall-lgYou come home from a long day at work, your partner is home and you already know there is tension in the air, you have that uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach knowing at any minute the argument could continue from earlier.

Neither one of you attempts to greet the other with a hug and kiss or even say “how was your day?”…There is nothing but chilling air between you as you walk past each other, your eyes purposely not meeting so you don’t trigger what feels inevitable and the silence it’s almost deafening.

Eventually one of you finds a reason to speak but it’s snappy and almost snide in its delivery.  Neither one of you wants to have this fight yet again, you’re tired of going through the same things repeatedly because nothing really changes, at least not permanently.  It almost feels futile…

In your head you go over your side of the argument.  You are sure you have valid points and you feel frustrated because in the heat of the moment you can never come up with a good come back or counter argument to theirs, to get them to understand your point of view and where they are wrong.

You both go to bed, turning out the lights.  No intelligent discussion, no good night wishes.  No hugs or kisses, no affection but both of you craving a sign of love from the other in the darkness…

You remain on your side of the bed and they remain on theirs and even though they are right there, you feel the distance between you, you feel alone and as you unsuccessfully try to sleep, your mind fills with endless questions:

Is this relationship really worth it?  I miss what it was like the beginning, why does it have to be so damn hard?  I love them but why can’t we just get along?

Then your mind starts to daydream of how you wish it could be; how it would be if you had that magic wand or a fairy godmother – that perfect relationship!

PassionateCoupleYou’d come home at the end of the day and be greeted by your lover.  They stop what they’re doing to walk straight up to you, their face lighting up as soon as they see you, they wrap their arms around you in a passionate embrace leading to a passionate kiss hello.

As you come back up for air, you both open your eyes and gaze into each others momentarily, breathing in sync, not saying a word but you both feel that intense love and excitement of just being together again.

You make dinner together and talk about your day, each intently listening to the other and engaging in the conversation which makes you feel heard and understood.  You talk about your dreams and your goals, and your partner says, “What can I do to support you?”

And in those moments when you feel like it’s too hard, fear stops you or you think you can’t do it, they stand there, hold both of your hands, look you straight in the eyes and say, “Yes you can! I believe in you and you know you need to do this, and you want to do it, so do it.”

They say it with such love and authenticity that you know you even if you aren’t sure about your abilities, they are and they will be proud of you for just trying.

Your partner regularly stops for a moment, admiring and enjoying just how sexy and desirable you are and they aren’t shy to tell you so… even first thing in the morning with bedroom hair and sleepy eyes, they say, “You are the sexiest, most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you in my life.”

As they look deep into your eyes, connect with your soul and caress your warm naked skin, you feel completely loved and adored, and you both have an insatiable desire to make wild and passionate love to each other.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a love like that?

Rach_Bio_smMy name is Rach (aka Chantelle Austin) and I just described my first marriage and then my second and I tell you what, if I’d known back then what I know now, my first marriage would have not only survived, it would have thrived and my daughter would have been able to grow up with her real dad; her original family.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change a thing now because I learned so much about how to make relationships work by making all the mistakes in the first one, and I now after a failed marriage and learning to become a relationship coach, I have the best relationship in the world but I’d really like it if you didn’t have to go through the pain I had to go through, especially if you have kids.

Having been divorced once, it’s clear I know how to fail at relationships and I also how painful, messy and devastating going through a divorce can be, especially when children are involved. It was a super tough experience to go through but I am extremely thankful for that 6 years and what turned out to be “the failed relationship” as it became a big part of my education on how to make a relationship not just work, but thrive.

And also why I became a Relationship Coach and Mentor, to help others learn from my mistakes so they can avoid the massive heartache I went through. A bit about me, just in case you want to know or you can just skip to the program details: Eventually I met my current husband and I made a very conscious effort to get it right this time. I refused to go through the pain of a failed relationship again so I read books on how to create successful and loving relationships, eventually becoming a life coach (2003) and specialising in relationships, which I realised was my passion.

Rach-Kerry-bwAs a couple we’ve been together since 2000, we don’t “fight”, we rarely have misunderstandings but we resolve them within an hour. We are more in love now than ever and it’s been an ongoing process of loving each other to new depths over time. Listening is extremely important to success as a couple, we know how to make the other feel completely loved and we know how to communicate our thoughts and feelings even when they don’t feel good, in a mature and respectful way.

Having fun together and still acting like we’re in the honeymoon phase of our relationship has been a foundation of our success. People are often surprised to learn we’ve been together for over a decade because our sex life is spicy and passionate even after all this time. Being able to easily express our sexual wants and desires in a relationship is key to bedroom success, as we have established complete trust in each other to share even our “deepest, darkest” fantasies.

As a couple, we support and encourage each other in following our dreams and pursuing hobbies, effectively enjoying having our own lives plus the one we share together. In my first relationship I lost who I was because I spent too much time being the person I though he wanted and not creating a life of my own.

In this relationship, we spend more time in gratitude of having each other than anything else…

It sounds like a fairytale but honestly, we’re living examples of what’s totally possible for every couple and it comes down to some very clear foundations and strategies. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our bumps in the road, misunderstandings and being out of vibe with each other but we’ve always managed to work through the “stuff”, creating a stronger and more loving relationship along the way.

My phenomenal relationship is what has given me the courage to pursue my own business, put myself out there and share what I know. Without the foundation of complete love and support from my partner, my “not good enough” monster would hold me back. Love gives us wings (not Redbull) and I know, that’s so cliché but that’s what happens when you find that kind of love, its cliché central!

 Guess What! It’s NOT your fault your relationship isn’t working!

Where did you learn how to create a thriving adult relationship?

Did you have any shining examples of relationships that lasted decades and were happy, loving, passionate and mature while you were growing up?

Did you study relationship success at school?  Oh wait, that’s right, you got the scientific sex class but not ‘how to have a thriving and passionate sex life’ nor ‘how to create a mature and deeply loving relationship.’

Did you have a relationship mentor as you were stumbling through, giving you guidance and strategies along the way so you could get it right? No?

Add to the list; all the ex’s you’ve both had and the emotional baggage you’ve picked up along the way and it’s just a recipe for struggle and misery.

Where is the fun, the juiciness, the rainbows and fireworks other people talk about when they fall in love and where does it go 5 years down the track?

Well it’s no wonder relationships feel like such hard work!  You’re trying to do it the hard way, just like I did!  

Never fear, your fairy godmother is finally here!

That sounds so stupid now that I’ve written it, it sounded much better in my head but I didn’t share all of that just to get down here and leave you hanging.

Ok, super important question before we can go any further…

Do you still love each other enough to want to stay together?

If the answer is “yes” then it’s not too late to turn your relationship around from struggling to sensational and the good news is, you don’t have to change partners to do it!

I work a lot with people in open-style relationships which requires not only having strong relationship foundations, but advanced skills in dealing with the added complexities open-relationships have.  I help these couples get it right, from the ground up an beyond.

And if you’re wondering how I came to be so skilled, yes, I am in an open-relationship myself but we didn’t even attempt it until we had rock solid foundations in our traditional relationship, which we thrived in for the first 5 years and THAT’s what this is about, getting the basics right… Nothing else.

And here is the cliche statement you’ve been waiting for…

Don’t believe what I say, read what these people have said about what I can do:

"I came to a point in my life where I really wanted to address some relationship and emotional blockages after meeting a great girl and pursuing her half way around the world to America. Tired of the typical first point of call for relationship advice for men, dating and pick-up style coaches and their limitations, I turned to Chantelle/Rachael. I was blown away by her experience, knowledge and expertise on love, relationships and marriage. In the space of an hour, she gave me tremendous support, validation and taught me some principles about love and relationships that really transformed my way of thinking. I now see the world, people and relationships through a very different filter and am very grateful for the continual support, encouragement and expertise Chantelle/Rachael offers me. I now understand myself and my love interest in a way I didn’t think was possible and can make that special someone happy beyond anything I thought possible. Thanks Chantelle/Rachael!" - Cameron
"Over the past few years Rach has helped support my relationship with my husband through some tough times. Thanks to her amazing ability to help us connect our relationship has never been better." - Kelly

If I can help these people (and many more), I can help you too…

But let’s see if you are the kind of people I do my best work with first, shall we?

Do you or your partner make any of these common relationship-breaking mistakes?

Assumed ESP. Example: “What’s wrong?” is met with a “You should know!” which is sometimes communicated verbally and sometimes death stare implied

The “I’m Fine” or “Nothing” Response, which is the I-don’t-want-to-talk-about-it-and-you-should-know-what’s-wrong Game

Big Bully/Bitch.  This is where either or both partners resort to name-calling and put-downs like children, or occasionally being purposely spiteful

Elephant Syndrome.  Where during an argument, previous arguments and issues, which may not be relevant and were assumed to have been dealt with (by one partner) are included in the current argument

The “I’m right regardless” game, which is often characterised by one or both partners having to have the last word and their default position in any conflict is “I’m right and you’re wrong”

The Tit for Tat Game where instead of admitting or even considering fault, partners find fault in the other partner as a way of deflecting the blame

The Silent Treatment.  A form of punishment where there is zero communication or affection for undefined periods of time

The Guilt Trip.  Permission given but with an emotional price often characterised by a tone which implies “yes, but I’m going to be devastated or angry at you if you do”

The Blame Game.  Fairly easy to recognise, one partner says “It’s YOUR fault” or “YOU made me feel/do <insert emotion or behaviour here>”

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Communication.  Purposely not sharing a piece of information such as a lunch date with a friend of the opposite sex, to prevent the other partner unnecessarily overreacting negatively

Bitch-Festing.  Where partners rant to others (friends and family) about their relationship issues instead of speaking to the partner about it

Defend Defend Defend!  The knee-jerk emotional reaction when one partner attempts to communicate (effectively or not) an issue directly relating to something the other partner did, or did not do

Coexisting.  Characterised by the lack of quality time even if partners spend considerable amount of time in the same house, or conflicting personal schedules, i.e. “ships passing in the night”

Happiness Dependant.  Where at least one or both partners do not have a life of their own and NEED and/or expect their partner to make them happy

Spoilt-Brat Syndrome.  Tantrums and/or sulking if one partner doesn’t get their way, also characterised with a lack of general manners such as please and thank you

If you said “omg, that’s us!” to more than 1 those then keep reading!

NONE of what I’ve listed above is present in healthy, happy, adult relationships so it DOESN’T have to exist in yours!

I’m here because I want to share what I know, along with all the best tools and strategies for smoothing out the bumps and sewing up the rips in your relationship. If you still have a desire to be together, that’s all you need for now. The rest we can work on together if you value your relationship enough to want to try.

In the last 5 years I have determined the key foundations EVERY relationship needs in order to THRIVE instead of just SURVIVE and I’ve put it together in this 6 week intensive program.

Join me in my new pilot program…


Over 6 weeks, I’ll show you how you can:

  • Communicate love so you both feel LOVED and SIGNIFICANT every day
  • Ask for what you want and get it without using guilt trips, games and drama
  • Be understood and heard, so arguments are not necessary
  • Be an adult in your relationship, have mature discussions instead of fights and conflict
  • Keep your sense of self while being part of “us”, dissolving neediness and a reliance on the other to be happy
  • Meet each others needs without sacrificing your own
  • Express negative emotions without destroying each other
  • Resolve conflicts in an hour or less so you can get back to loving and laughing quicker
  • Respond rather than react, enjoy calm discussions instead of screaming arguments
  • Build or rebuild trust to dissolve jealousy and increase a sense of freedom
  • Create a rock solid relationship so you can deal with life’s curve balls and storms together
  • Stay connected and in love consistently, when you lead busy, and almost separate, lives especially with kids
  • Create a passionate and stimulating sex life, which continues to be exciting and exhilarating for years to come

Here are some of the relationship-saving strategies and tools I’m going to give you:

  • My Number 1 Secret Weapon to NEVER Having the Same Argument Twice
  • 5 Easy Ways to Resuscitate your Sex Life, go from Lifeless to Livewire!
  • 1 Simple Statement to Diffuse ANY Argument Immediately
  • 3 Simple Questions You Can Ask to Resolve Any Misunderstanding Quickly and Easily
  • 5 Simple Communication Strategies Every Couple Can Implement to Restore Harmony Permanently
  • 5 Ways to Cheat Proof Your Relationship; Keep Your Partner Head Over Heels, In Love and Lust with YOU

PLUS 6 weeks of group coaching to ask questions about YOUR situation and help you implement everything!

This is a pilot program, and while I’ve been a successful relationship coach for over 5 years, I haven’t mixed what I know together quite like this before so I want to test out all my best tools and strategies, as well as a few new ones with a select group of the right people.

Because it’s a pilot program, I’m looking for 10 people (1 couple = 2 people) to be involved and I’m looking for couples with specific situations as they will gain the most benefit from the program, so I won’t be accepting everyone who applies.

The Program:

  • Will be delivered via a weekly webinar which includes group coaching and then relationship training, with question time at the end for clarity. You can choose to participate in the group coaching or not however, you will gain huge amounts more benefit by listening to others being coached, or being in the coaching resolution hot seat yourselves. Real names do not need to be used
  • Includes a small list of relationship building actions to do/practice throughout each week, effectively layering in the changes slowly over the course of the program
  • Includes a relationship assessment which is mandatory at the beginning and at the end so you can track your progress through the program and beyond

It’s time to stop struggling to be together and start creating the relationship you know you want…

It is completely POSSIBLE when you know how!  

BUT… Are you BEST suited to benefit the MOST from this program?

Please apply if:

  • You (or both of you) are unhappy in your relationship and/or your sex life
  • You still love each other and don’t want to divorce or separate but it may be a serious consideration
  • Open-minded to new information or ways of doing thing, and willing to learn
  • Willing to make changes and do what it takes to build a better relationship
  • You are committed to giving this program everything you’ve got and make this last ditch effort to turn your relationship around once and for all

Plus you can commit to the following:

  • Available 7:30pm – 9:30pm one night between Monday and Thursday from the 10th June 2013 (actual night will be determined by majority participant availability), for relationship training and the group coaching training webinar, you must attend this call, even if you don’t want to be in the resolution hot seat during the coaching section
  • Willing to follow through on the home play and actions/behaviours agreed to during the program
  • Willing to provide ongoing feedback about what works and what doesn’t so YOU gain the most from the program
  • Provide a testimonial when you have reaped the benefits of making these positive changes

This program includes:

  • 6 x 2 hour Training/Coaching Webinar’s (also recorded for playback) – Value $2400
  • 1 hour Private session with Me – Value $250 (won’t be offered after this pilot)
  • A workbook with exercises, each module emailed each week for the new week’s focus – Value $197

Total Value: $2847

Cost to you IF you are accepted into the program:

$247 per couple if paid in full, or 2 payments of $127 (Total $254)


That’s cheaper than only a few sessions with a psychologist, or counselling at $50 – $100 per hour.  Here you get 13 hours of my time.

It works out to be $41 – $49 per couple per week, which is the cost of cheap dinner out with a drink or 2, or less than a couple of coffee’s a day, but do I really need to point out the lasting effect it will have in comparison to dinners and coffee’s?

Once the pilot group have gone through this program confirming its valuable and positive relationship impact, this course will run again between $697 and $997.

It won’t be this cheap again…

If you would like to apply for you and your partner to be a part of this program, please fill out the following application and you will be notified within 24 hours if you have been accepted, then you’ll be sent payment details.  If you are not sure if this program would suit you, please fill out the application anyway and request a phone call. I’m more than happy to chat to you and see if it is a good fit for both of us.

You do not pay anything until you have been accepted into the program, so please apply even if you aren’t sure.  There are only 10 places!

Click here to complete the application

Part of the application process is to share your biggest relationship issues, this is so I can CUSTOMISE the program as much as possible for you.

 Just in case you have some additional questions…

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, you have 14 days from Day 1 of the program to decide if you are gaining value.  Because it’s a pilot program, I will be looking for lots of feedback so it will be your responsibility to communicate any issues or deficiencies as we work together and I am committing to you, that I will address your concerns.  My intention is to give so much value that you won’t even have to ask yourself the question.

Can I do this without my partner?

Absolutely!  Sometimes we have to be the example of a better way before others see the value in making the change so yes, if your partner is not keen to be a part of this or you aren’t willing to ask them to join you (or they can’t), you can take everything from the program and implement it yourself, and a funny thing often happens, as you change and your behaviour changes, people around you automatically change too.

What are the format of the sessions?

Each 2 hour webinar session will have approximately 45 minutes of training (communication, conflict resolution, emotional maturity, intimand then 1 hour of group coaching, which allows those who want to be the point of focus to share their struggle so everyone can learn from the coaching.  Others will have an opportunity to share their thoughts and suggestions which increases the power of the coaching.  Often it’s easier to see the issues in other people’s relationships and what they should do as opposed to your own, and this concept will be reinforced so you gain the greater learning for yourselves.

With the group coaching, will anyone know who we are?

I know it can feel embarrassing when you are sharing all of your issues with other people, which is why the coaching will be done on a webinar, so you can use fake names if you wish.  Also, everyone will be getting a confidentiality agreement to sign which states that no information heard about or from anyone in the group, is not to be repeated outside the group coaching calls.  So no, no one will know who you are if you choose for them not to.  There will be a secret Facebook group for ongoing discussions and support for those who choose to join in, and the confidentiality agreement will cover that too.

Is this course for swingers?  OR is it leading to swinging?

Absolutely not, this is NOT about swinging at all.  While yes, I do a lot of work with swingers and open-relationships, and I am in one myself, they require a much higher level of relationship skill and expertise to make successful, which means helping traditional couples get the basics right is simple for me.  It’s like a pro sports person going back to work with the teens who have got some skills but are weak in some areas; they need training plus coaching/mentoring to enhance the rest.  I’m here to be your coach and mentor because I’ve not only got the basics right, I’ve got the advanced skills right too, plus I’m just passionate about everyone deserving a phenomenal relationship, no matter what it looks like.

What if it’s actually too late and we decide to break up?

Then you take what you learned in the program into your next relationship so you can start that off on the right foot and you will know how to make it loving, passionate and blissfully happy, as well as how to move through the upsets and misunderstanding with ease and grace.  You will also be able to use the tools to help the separation go much more smoothly if you choose to use the tools I give you.

Will it actually work?  Can this program really turn our relationship around?

The tools and strategies I give you in the program made a huge difference in my relationship as they have for many clients of mine, plus friends and family I share them with too.  I give you everything you need to be able to do it, I’ve made them simple and easy to implement.  Plus you get direct access to coaching throughout the program so I’m practically holding your hand.  The only X factor is you… And if you really want your relationship to turn around and change for the better, you only have to decide to use them.  That’s it.  Easy.

What’s the worst thing that can happen if I invest in this program?

Nothing changes.  But if you don’t do this program, nothing changes anyway so either way you have nothing to lose.  The most probable outcome is that your relationship WILL change for the better because unless you plan to invest in this program and completely ignore everything I share and you choose not to implement or try ANYTHING from the whole 6 weeks, there is no way that with all the strategies, coaching and proven methods I’ve had success with in the last 5 years, that something won’t have a positive impact.

How much of a positive impact and lasting change depends on you, so your investment success is on your shoulders because I know what I’m bringing to the table, what are you prepared to do with it all?

Do nothing today and tomorrow will look no different but I guarantee, if you take action and implement just half of what I teach/suggest/share, your relationship will head in the direction of that happily ever after you’ve been craving.

You have nothing to lose and so much you could possibly gain.

Remember, you have to apply first, I’m not taking everyone for the pilot program so apply now.

Click here to complete the application

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