“I walk the boundaries and blur the lines – so others may wander into new territory.”

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Secret Rendezvous…

I walk into the hotel room where you are waiting for me. We don’t talk I just walk over to you and start kissing you, gently biting your lower lip. I slowly slide my hands under your shirt and slowly moving my hands up your chest as I slide your shirt over your head and let it drop to the floor.
I gently kiss down your neck letting my tongue slide down to your chest then gently nibbling your nipples. You slowly move your hands under my shirt, slowly moving your hands over my breasts and sliding my shirt off and onto the floor. You kiss me and undo my bra gently sliding my straps off my shoulders and as my bra hits the floor you are caressing my naked breasts, slowly kissing down my neck, Ooo…, we’re sorry!!!…… you have to log in to read this super special content with the…

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We Had the Best Night and Didn’t Have Sex!

Normally when we have a swinging night with more than one extra person, there’s some flirting, a fair bit of playing, and sex in multiple positions with orgasms exploding. Sometimes a lot of them and sometimes not so many. When it’s our first time with someone there is that distraction of being with someone new which can make the night hotter or just ok.
This night we had a few weekends ago was something we’d never experienced before and it opened my eyes to what else is possible… Before I spill the beans on what it is, I better give you a bit of background about who’s who first.
We’d only met one couple that night and the other couple we hadn’t really played with but Ooo…, we’re sorry!!!…… you have to log in to read this super special…

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Swinger’s Party

By Kelly Arthur (thanks to The Erotic Woman)
With my eyes I scan the room. The light is dim.
I place my hand over a near by candle, savouring the heat and the pain that follows.
Your strong arm slides around my waist, gently leading me further into the den.
“Baby, you’ll burn,” you whisper, smiling. You have always loved my appetite for all things dark and painful.
The music is trance. Perfect, I think, as it throbs in time with my aching hand.
The bar to the left, tended to by an exotic looking woman and a man with immaculate arms. A fire burns, the flames dancing playfully, as we make our way to a couch in the centre of the room.
“Is this what you had in mind, sugar?” you ask, tickling my ear with your tongue.
My body begins to tremble with anticipation. I raise my eyes to…

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Music In The Dunes

By Autumn Seave (thanks to The Erotic Woman)
Raven was filled with excitement and more energy than she’d had in years as she got ready for a night out with her husband, Marc. It was the first night in a long time that they had gone out by themselves with the pure purpose of fun and pleasure.
They’d been told by some friends about the rave that was to be held at a club by the beach and when she had told them a few of the people who were going to be there Raven knew she wanted to make the special effort to be there. Marc and Raven made arrangements for the kids to stay with family for the night until early afternoon the next and the feeling of freedom was overwhelming.
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Last Drinks

By Marc Angel (thanks to The Erotic Woman)
“Last drinks!” called the barman in our direction, before returning to polishing glasses.
I looked at my wife Louise who was busy quickly finishing off her Blue Lagoon cocktail, and then over at my best friend Dave.
“Let’s make a move” I said, standing and starting to put my coat on.
Louise wiped her mouth with the back of her hand before also picking up her jacket.
“Come on Dave” she teasingly commented, “I have been drinking you under the table all night. Finish your beer and let’s get out here”.
Dave smirked and quickly slammed down his drink, then joined us heading towards the door.
Outside we walked along the footpath through the lightly falling rain. The overhead streetlights provided a dim and eerie atmosphere, and…

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