“I walk the boundaries and blur the lines – so others may wander into new territory.”

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I Lost My Saints and Sinners Ball Virginity, and I Liked It!

Let’s just say that when you see the DJ banging a hot little thing over the mixing deck, while mixing music, then it’s a fair indication that anything goes!
Welcome to my first Saints and Sinners Ball. While I wasn’t shocked by what I saw (well mostly, there was this one girl that… hang on, I’ll come back to that), it was a new experience and quite a liberating one at that!
Imagine a night club, where everyone is wearing underwear/lingerie or less, it’s mostly ok to flirt with anyone and no one bats an eye lid if you engage in a 3some or moresome with a strap on, on the side of the dance floor (kudos to you guys, that was great to watch!)… ok so while they may not bat an eyelid, they may watch and get inspired to do something themselves; talk about a stimulating place to…

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Want Help The Bush Fire Victims?

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the devastating fires here in Victoria Australia, and if you haven’t then Google it (you’ll find millions of stories, links and pictures).
If you want to help and get an awesome bargain in the process, then read on…
The best part about any tragedy like this is witnessing the human spirit come to life. The amount of donations and fund raisers going on at the moment is unbelievable and I’ve chosen to share one in particular with you for 2 reasons.
Most people will be able to take advantage of it because they’ll be getting something extremely useful at a ridiculously low price.
It’s still a contributing to helping the thousands of people left homeless after the firestorms.
The fundraiser is a “5 PDF books…

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