"I walk the boundaries and blur the lines – so others may wander into new territory."

When friends turn into unexpected playmates!

Now for some people this is a fantasy come true! When you get into the lifestyle, it’s not uncommon to wish some of your friends were in it too because for a while now you’ve been appreciating their sexiness, and perhaps on more than one occasion you’ve said you “could go a bit of that…” Well at least in your head you have, but either way you enjoy the fantasy of it all.

That’s not the only way it happens either… We met a couple who, from the outset, said that they just wanted friends they could talk to about their experiences and were not interested in playing with us, which I completely respect. Not everyone is going to be attracted to us, even if we are sexy as (lol)! But knowing that information gave us some very clear boundaries and it let us know how we were expected to behave.

Relationship Coaching

I’m the professional you need to see if…

  • You are considering changing your relationship from traditional to something else, such as swinging, and you are unsure how you’ll both go or how to do it
  • You both want to swing or play with others, but at least one of you has some issues such as jealousy, insecurity or low self-esteem
  • You got into swinging or seeing others and now stuff has come up
  • Your relationship has ended because of something related to swinging or cheating, and you want to be able to attract and create a better relationship next time around
  • You trying to define how your relationship should work
  • You are having trouble getting passed your own relationship programming that says anything other than traditional or straight is wrong/bad (for singles as well as couples)

The Essential Guide for Adventurous Couples

Guaranteed to inject some spark into your relationship and turbo boost your sex-life!

Relationship gotten a bit routine and want to spice things up a bit? Or a lot?

Ever considered a threesome, foursome or moresome together?

Got questions, fears or concerns or don’t know where to start?

Heaps of couples are doing it, but no one is sharing the secret to the twinkle in their eye and the cheeky smile on their face!

For just $39.95 (25% off) $29.95, this is a totally unique, down-to-earth book that covers the how-to, the what-if and the answers to the questions you’ve not been game to ask…

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