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Who Is Rach Wilson?

Chantelle Austin International's Specialist Coach & Mentor in Non-Monogamy and Open Relationships Internationally


Rach is the professional you need to see if…

  • You are considering changing your relationship from traditional monogamy to a non-monogamous style and you are unsure how you’ll both go or how to do it (if you don’t have any emotional issues, you may want to consider some mentoring instead)
  • You both want to play with others, but at least one of you has some issues such as jealousy, insecurity or low self-esteem
  • You moved into non-monogamy or seeing others and now stuff (emotions/fears etc) have come up
  • Your relationship has ended because of something related to non-monogamy or cheating, and you want to be able to attract and create a better relationship next time around
  • You trying to define how your relationship should work and struggling
  • You are having trouble getting past your own relationship programming that says anything other than traditional or straight is wrong/bad (for singles as well as couples)
  • You are discovering some bisexual desires that you aren’t sure how to handle or share with your partner

Basically Rach is your relationship transitions & “WTF” expert!   When you are going through relationship changes such as going from traditional to swinging/open/poly, or from being in a relationship to being single again and vice versa, (especially if you want the new relationship to end up swinging/open/poly) then she has both personal experience and expertise to help make it all as easy as possible. Equally when it comes to sexuality transitions such as going from straight to bisexual/gay, then she’s your coach!

The Difference Between Coaching and Counselling

  • Counselling is a lot of talking, which is effective with the right counselleor but can be much slower
  • Rach utilises tools and techniques to make shifts at the sub-conscious (unconscious) level, which makes coaching fast and effective
  • Rach’s coaching is no-holds-barred; nothing is taboo or can’t be addressed and talked about – she is very empathetic, compassionate and non-judgmental
  • Many counsellors are not experienced in, or completely comfortable talking about anything that isn’t traditional. Rach is very comfortable, with professional training and years of personal experience in this space
  • Sex, sexuality and relationships outside the traditional box is her zone; it’s only open, honest, supporting and receptive here

Coaching is about identifying the problem quickly, processing it using cutting edge mindset tools that work with both the conscious and sub-conscious mind, and then straight to cementing in the solution using practical exercises that get you into blissful happiness and harmony again.

Rach certainly doesn’t want to be working with you for years; she aim for breakthroughs and empowerment, sending you on your way with tools you can use by yourself. If things change and you have a different transition to make, then you can work together again to get you back on your way quickly, but years together? She prefers not, dependency doesn’t work for her so if you want to be empowered and skilled up to create your own thriving relationship, she’s your gal.

Contact Rach using the Contact page, to arrange a complimentary Skype or phone session to explore if working together is a good fit for both of us.

Here are some of the thing others have said about Rach’s coaching:

I would like to publicly thank and express my sincere gratitude to Rach Wilson for her support and coaching on the weekend!!

My husband and I had our first ever experience of playing separately last week and whilst I was ok with it at first, afterwards I ended up in a world of pain and suffering and I’m not proud to say, a complete VICTIM!! Rach provided some great coaching, reassured me that I was normal and not completely stupid and gave us both some great strategies to move through the pain and uncertainty.

I am now so proud and privileged to say that our relationship in just 4 days has gone to another level. Our communication is back to 100% being open and honest and from a place of love not fear. Our connection re-established stronger than ever. I totally believe that effective, open and honest communication is the key.

Thanks again Rach. You are truly AWESOME and the love and support you give us all is nothing but INSPIRATIONAL!!” – Kylie

I just want to acknowledge your skills and expert coaching. You literally saved our marriage and have turned our relationship inside out and we are AMAZING!! In just 24 hours after your coaching we went from total breakdown / meltdown / its all over, to total reconnection and total love and understanding. The past week has been incredible!! I can’t believe it. Our connection is out of this world. Our love for one another incredible – its like we have fallen in love all over again. I’m sure my husband will share more from his perspective. Thank you super star!! Please support Rach and engage her services for coaching. She ROCKS!!” – Kylie

Having Rach last week guide us was great and there is no doubt she is SUPER AWESOME at what she does and also is Very Passionate about helping people and I’m very grateful for that.

What Rach shared with us about actions, thoughts and feelings and the meaning we both added to those in our heads might have taken us months to figure out or maybe never but through her worldly knowledge, experience and passion we turned it around in 24hrs. We are good students as we are committed to each other and to taking whatever action necessary to have a fun full connected and happy life together but what Rach did in such a short time put us peace so we could move forward immediately. We have implemented Rach’s actions everyday and after 3 days made it twice a day so we start and finish every day with complete connectedness. In just one week to the day, I believe our relationship has not only got back to the awesome state we had, but surpassed it to a new level. I cant speak highly enough of what Rach has done for us.
Aaahhh happy tingly sigh….” – Paul

I want to share an experience that i had last week :- I had my first bisexual and swinging experience – it was amazing and inspiring and uplifting – I felt for the first time in my life totally myself – totally true to myself – complete honesty and integrity -sexually connected.

My partner and I talked about feelings i had about the experience – what we would prefer to happen differently and we got that all sorted and had an amazing re connection the the day after. Then it happened – my head got involved – hope you know what i mean . The voices in my head began and i started retreating into myself – needing processing time and not wanting any contact from my partner until i figured it out. I reassured him that it was nothing he had done that i just needed some time to figure this out. What was I feeling? What were the voices saying ? I have never had a jealous bone in my body however some small part of me was jealous of my partner being with the other woman because I had feelings for her .

Thank goodness I have an amazing and understanding partner – we talked about my feelings but It seemed to be getting worse – my head spinning. Feelings were not meant to be involved – people had told me that swinging was just meant to be about the sex – I had never been intimate without feelings however i had never swung. I had been advised by an experienced friend that is was meant to be like being with a “breathing dildo ” but it was not . My feelings were involved – I love my partner however also had feelings for the other woman. (Swingers are not meant to have feelings for their playmates however she is an amazing person and a friend.) My experienced friend was concerned that if my feelings were involved that could only mean bad news for my relationship.

I am in love with my partner – I love and adore him and all that he has brought to our relationship – what was i doing to possibly jeopardize it. Round and Round it went… Spiraling more and more out of control… my only thoughts were to see if Rach Wilson could see it in her heart to have the time to help me.

Rach listened and validated for me that what I was feeling was normal. It was ok for feelings to be involved and that it was more about me having the capacity to be open minded and accepting and have the capacity to love more than one person. We talked for a while and I felt all the stress and voices slow down. I could continue being true to myself and just stay in the moment and share about my feelings. Words cannot describe the difference that support made to me. Before the call I felt I was spiraling out of control and afterwards I walked out to the lounge and my partner knew something had changed by what he called “the most amazing smile on my face” we hugged and held each other, and talked about everything that had been happening for me, most of which I had not even been aware of at the time.

This was the best thing i could have ever done for myself, my partner and the other couple involved.” – Amethyst

“Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so much for all your help and the massive impact that you have had on my life. When I came to you I was an emotional mess and trying to recover from a break up. Through the processes that you went through with me and the tools that you taught me, I was able to put my life back together and find a sense of completeness within myself and fill the void that I had. You helped me allow myself to smile again and shine. I had people comment on how more relaxed, fun and more present I had become. I couldn’t have done it without you and I am so much more in a happier place to now be in a relationship with myself and others. Thanks Again. – Marc

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