"I walk the boundaries and blur the lines – so others may wander into new territory."

The poor single guy has it tough…

Come on couples, cut them some slack!

It is pretty well known that it’s much easier for a couple or women to pick up than it is for the thousands of single guys out there online. The poor buggers are lucky to get a chance to chat to us let-a-lone meet us, and then they have an even slimmer chance to join us in the bedroom. Now why is that? Because us as couples (and single women) have so many to choose from that we can afford to be picky!

It’s true! When faced with a handful of messages and winks, it’s easy to look at the photos and then only reply to the “good looking” ones, or the good looking ones that show some sort of intelligence in the text on their profile. I am guilty of doing that but I can be because I have the choice…

So what about the single guy? Well faced with the amount of competition they have to try harder to get our attention, especially if they aren’t Brad Pitt’s identical twin! So what do they do? Many of them resort to different methods of standing out or they get more ballsy (aka: assertive/pushy/down-right-in-your-face) which doesn’t always work in their favour; pushing to get our MSN address or to meet in person… I personally get very turned off by that but when you think about it, the odds really are stacked in our favour, not theirs, and they have to do something or miss out entirely.

Just for a moment put yourself in their shoes… You’re a great person, a good playmate (or at least you think you do ok), a small amount of couples or single women and thousands of other men who want the same thing you want… and all competing for a foot in the door. You put a thousand winks and messages out with no replies wishing someone would just give you a chance and meet you in person because you know they won’t be disappointed, but you can’t even get the chance… Not hard to get disheartened with odds like that!

So couples and women out there who are on the sites (you know which sites!), give the poor singles guys a bit more of a chance to be themselves rather than have to be the pushy single guy who really is just trying to get a look in and share some of the sweet pie that’s being offered 🙂

Keep your eye out for the article for single guys on how to increase your chances of snagging (and shagging) a couple!

Here’s to your sexual evolution!