"I walk the boundaries and blur the lines – so others may wander into new territory."

Playmates as colleagues – Pro or con?

The idea of working with a playmate has been the subject of many a fantasy with secret rendezvous’ at lunch or sneaking a cheeky look, a kiss or even a spank throughout the day. It can be a huge turn on; having to sit across from someone you are highly attracted to and not be able to… well, you know what I mean. Although if it was really a fantasy, I’m sure there would someone bent over a desk or pinned up against a wall at that point (surely it can’t just be my fantasy, right?)

Having a playmate as a colleague can also pose different problems, which may not be such a fun experience and are often not thought about. So whether you are about to take a job where you know there is a playmate in the house, or you decide/discover a colleague in the scene and are considering making them a playmate, here are a few things to consider.

Going forth with some of the fantasy (mine at least) and actually playing in the office is usually a bad idea (I’d like to point out that I said “usually” as there are cases where it’s easy and possible to do making it a great idea!). Most offices have cameras and while I’m sure you’d make the securities guards day/night a whole lot more interesting, you just never know who else is going to see it, who’s going to upload it to the Internet or post stills of it on sites your workmates frequent in the privacy of their own home. On top of that, you just never know who is going to head back for an impromptu visit because they forgot or need something.

It’s quite likely you will get in some hot water with your employers about “inappropriate behaviour”, and I’m pretty sure most people who have a job, need it and it would be a shame to jeapardise it for the sake of a little fun, even if it was mindblowing! Besides, who wants anyone walking in when you’re about to have an earth shattering orgasm?

Now, if you were to carry on the play outside the office, there is nothing they can do about it. Well, unless you get caught by the police having sex in a public place, but that’s a whole other problem (get a room people, please).

Apart from the obvious, other things to consider are partners. While they are ok with you playing with other people when you are in the scene together, working with them and being in the same space as one 5 days a week might be a different story, so it’s best to sit down and chat to your partner about what they feel comfortable with and what they don’t. While you may be able to carry on with a little hanky panky during the workweek, the boundaries for what you can get up to might be determined by the partners, not you two.

If you have the ok from partners for lunchtime kisses and a spank here and there, it’s time to chat with the colleague/playmate and find out what is ok with them. Some people are really black and white in that they are playful outside work and absolutely not while at work. Me, I’m playful either way but tend to act more professional at work, although the innuendo can tend to fly thick and fast (got to have some fun!)

The beauty of having a playmate at work is the fact you can’t play with them but you can see them and flirt covertly. It can be a real tease, creating sexual tension and making the workday so much more fun. On the flip side though, seeing them every day in a work context can take away the spark because they are always there and all of a sudden you are seeing them in a different light.

It’s easy to be attracted to someone when you see them in an environment where it’s all about sex and fun, but seeing someone in their everyday life, or how they are at work, can definitely impact their attraction factor (not always but you have to know it’s a gamble in that way). This is where it will up to the 2 of you (or the 4 of you) to keep it spicy and fun.

You also need to think about what happens if you get to a point where you are kind of over them and no longer want to be playmates. Could it affect how you feel about your work place? Will it be uncomfortable? I highly recommend having an open conversation at the beginning and both table the fact this can happen and how you will communicate it if and when you get there. Partners are for life, playmates are usually temporary (even if they last a few years) so have your exit strategy to enable you both to still work together!

Apart from that, enjoy whatever you can within the boundaries of your partners and your colleague/playmate, and feel free to share any raunchy stories that you both get to live out since the rest of us will never be able to do the whole sex in the office fantasy (although the CEO’s office doesn’t have a camera…. Hehe)

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