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Basix Double Dong 16"

Basix Double Dong 16"

What it is:

It’s a 16” double-ended flexible dildo and it’s 3” – 5” in thickness too. It’s American-made rubber, 100% phthalates and latex-free, environmentally safe and hypoallergenic. It also comes in multiple colours.

It has one end that is ribbed, and the other end is nobly for a variety of sensations, or for whatever you are in the mood for.

What it’s good for:

Girl on girl play, alone play and double penetration anytime you are up for it. It’s for those times when your usual man, or any man for that matter, isn’t available or for something different.

My experience with it:

Unlike other vibrators and dildo’s this double ended dong is flexible and feels quite comfortable, mimicking the real thing better than those hard plastic toys. One thing I suggest though is putting it in a sink of warm water for a little while first since it’s not really real and can be quite cold going in. That said, if you have the real thing available start with this little doubled ended beauty and then ride the real thing. The extra warm sensation of the real thing in after just heightens the experience.

What I love about this toy is that it can be used with friends! I had the opportunity to play with it and a gal pal of mine. It was a good size in both thickness and length as we both enjoyed at least 7” of it. The only thing we found could be improved is that while it’s fantastically flexible, it almost needed a small section in the very middle that was less flexible, or stiff, so that there was more of a stable base for us to push against so it didn’t require an extra hand to hold in place. Either way, we both enjoyed it and it enhanced our playing together.

I love that it has 2 different ends. It’s not often you get to ask “would you like ribbed or nobly tonight?” And I did personally like the ribbed end better. It was just the right size to touch that OMG spot in there, and I think with a little more play time I might be able to use it to make the whole squirt thing happen (but that’s a whole other post).

This toy is flexible enough to do a vaginal and anal penetration at the same time. While I didn’t go ahead and try this one, someone who is more into anal would likely have a good time with it. If I ever do attempt this, I’ll update the review and probably add a diary entry to go with it 🙂

Overall this toy created multiple options of play, it was a good size and a great addition to my toy box!

You can purchase the Basix 16” Double Dong here. You can also check out their other Dual Penetrators dildos and their Sex Toys at TheirToys.com. Happy toy shopping!!!

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