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Not all vagina's are created equal!

Well that’s what I thought!!! But apparently that’s not entirely correct!

I had this theory that while men’s penises came in different shapes and sizes, so do women’s vaginal canal’s… you know, the long part the penis has to fit in? The reason I thought that was because I’ve met women who can take a 9″ thick penis and just revel in it, me on the other hand, I’ve had times where I’ve struggled with Mr Wonderful’s size at 7″. Admittedly he is thick too but still, the length sometimes feels too much in certain positions.

Then there a toyboy we’ve had for a while who is 8″ – 9″ and I couldn’t take him completely. It feels like there is a limit to how long I can take so I often wonder how the hell some women can do it? How do some women take 9″ and MORE?!?! It can’t be something we can all do, surely… can we?

Well according to the experts who spend most of their working career looking at, studying and working with vagina’s, it is!!! WTF? The canal is 3″ – 4″ max! Our vagina’s are just one big elastic muscle that can slide around anything you care to put in it, just some things are easier than others.

Now I get that, and I know it’s true as I go through a “breaking in” process if I haven’t had sex in a while (yes, even I have times where I have less sex than normal). So that part makes sense, but I can’t for the life of me understand how I could fit 10″ up there or is it just a matter of having that on a regular basis?

The difference has to do with the amount of natural lubrication secreted by the vagina, the more it secretes the more relaxed and elastic it becomes. So it’s all in the horniness factor… hmm I’m pretty sure I relax, or is it a mental thing? When I see 9″ of a rock hard tool coming at me, is my first thought “ooo, that’s going to hurt”? That could be where I’m going wrong.

Hmm, at this point I think I may have to go down the local sex shop and buy one of those 16″ dildo’s and then one that is as fat as a coke can to test out how broken in I can get and still enjoy it… If I can love 9″ plus pounding into me, then I reckon anyone can!

…and that’s just what I think : )

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All clitoris are not the same either.

I love the variety! but I prefer them about the size of a pencil eraser in diameter to about sharpie diameter, and half an inch to one and a half long. much bigger than that and well it looks like something else… hey I’ll still go down on it, lol.

Actually they sell a set of vaginal enlargers on some website

I forgot what they are called, but the largest one was still smaller than me. I got them for my wife, and we figured she would start using a larger dildo when she worked her way up. But, she gave up, it was hurting her too much, so she told me to get a girlfriend that can take it. That is working out fine.

I wanted to thank you for

I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

And for a few it is just right.

I always make sure the woman is wet and well lubricated.

Penis size what a pain!

I have, I believe, a larger than average penis. How much larger I’m not really sure. Most women I have been with say it is large, some, my wife 4 1, says it is too big. I don’t think it is that big, about 7.75″, according to my measurements. One girl calls me fathead, most say it’s thick.

Seems like U can’t win, too big or too small, so there must be a lot of differences in vagina’s, since i started swinging though, I’ve had lots more compatible partners, and enjoyed a lot more sex.

Penis size what a pain! – reply

yes, that is a larger than average penis. Mr Wonderful was the same, thought he was just average in both length and thickness… while I knew he was bigger than my previous husband, it wasn’t until we started swinging that we realised he was “thick” and longer than average at 7″ 🙂

I have to say that at times I struggle with him depending on how sexually active I’ve been.

And yes it’s true, for some women you will be too big and for some you’ll be too small hehe! The only thing you can do is to spend lots of time getting them really wet, they’ll cope better with your size then 🙂