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My Gynecologist Should Have Been a Farmer

If that title provokes images of a man who’s very matter of fact, standing there with waders on, rolling a giant glove up his arm and just shoving it up the rear of a cow, then you’d be pretty close to the image in my head and thus sets the tone for my most recent experience with a Gynecologist. As you can guess, it wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t pleasant and now I have empathy for cows!

I have an IUD, which has worked wonderfully for me but as with everything else, it has a shelf life so I needed to go and get a new one installed (sounds like software doesn’t it, although there is nothing soft about it!). So I got a referral from the local medical centre (mistake number 1) and made my appointment which, like any specialist, took 6 weeks to get. Did I mention my IUD was already nearly 1 year out of date? When I realised that, 6 weeks seemed like an eternity but what can you do?

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