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Who Is Rach Wilson?

Chantelle Austin International's Specialist Coach & Mentor in Non-Monogamy and Open Relationships Internationally


Just want to talk to an expert to pick their brain and learn from what their experience?

Want to learn the short cuts, avoid making the mistakes and get to the fun faster?

Or find out how to make the good stuff even better?

Mentoring is all you need then!

A mentor is someone who has walked the road before you; who has made mistakes, failed and learned from them to be able to finally succeed.  A mentor is someone who is willing to share what they know in order to help others have a better road to the same success or beyond.

A little piece of my story…

I’ve failed in relationships (been divorced once), and I have now with my second husband since December 2000.  We started out in a traditional and monogamous relationship up until after our daughter was born, and we have been in an open relationship since early 2006.  It hasn’t been all butterflies and cupcakes either, we’ve worked through jealousy, miscommunication, total fuck-ups, not feeling loved or special, feeling disconnected, boundary changes and many other bumps in the road.

Our relationship now more solid with a deeper connection than we ever felt possible.  We feel so completely secure that we now enjoy the occasional night on our own with a playmate without our partner being there, and know how to reconnect with each other after such events to make the event add more juice to our relationship.  We talk about everything even when it’s hard, and we’re completely honest when something doesn’t sit well with one of us.  We always aim to find a way for each situation to be win-win when something comes up, and we respect where each other is at when aren’t in our optimal emotional space.  We put each other, and our relationship first without losing out on our individual needs and desires.  We love each other so much, we want the other to experience whatever they want to so its all up for discussion in a mature, respectful and loving way… Most of the time.  That’s not to say we don’t occasionally snappy moment where our maturity level drops momentarily, we are human after all, but we are fluid and flexible with our lives and our relationship.

Mentoring or Coaching?

Mentoring is best for people who don’t need to deal with emotional issues, but want to ask a bunch of questions around what to expect, how to deal with different and “what if” scenario’s.  Coaching is for people who have issues which are preventing their relationship from moving forward, or they need help releasing emotional baggage.

It’s an opportunity to tap into my professional expertise as well as personal experience and ask as many questions as you like.

Sometimes it’s just a quick phone call, sometimes it’s a few hours of my time, it’s whatever you need.

Here is what some people have had to say about me and the mentoring they have received:

As a relative newcomer to this way of life, I can attest that the book, and Chantelle’s personal mentoring, have been so very helpful.” – Susan

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you Rachael for the advice and support you gave me when struggling with some issues over my open relationship. I was touched that you not only rang me personally to take time out from your own life pretty much immediately, but also that your advice was personal to what I was going through and was coming from a selfless and caring point of view. I’d happily recommend you to others because your advice comes from first hand experience, and you’ve clearly lived through these challenging and negative emotions that are clearly part of the human condition.

I’ve had some time to think it all through and I’m now in a much better head space with the whole thing. Thank you.” – Anonymous (name withheld by request due to the highly personal nature of our discussion)

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