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Am I a Slut If I Participate In a Gang-Bang?

I recently participated in a gang bang and I have to admit to having a minor mental struggle with doing it. Would it make me a “slut” by doing it? What did it mean about me? And if I shared the information (as I tend to do), would people see me differently.

I had to wonder why I was struggling with it to begin with being someone who is out about what I do; was the struggle valid? I’m sure there are other women (and possibly men) who are having the same thoughts and feelings.

Firstly I had to work out what my definition of “slut” was and why it bugged me to be labelled as such.

I asked my fellow Twitter followers for their opinion and they confirmed my definition; it’s a person who will have sex with anyone and everyone regardless of who they are. I’ve been programmed to believe that this is not a good label; that it means you are someone who has no self-respect or morals. Not that I think I don’t have morals, I do, just more relaxed than some ?

The self-respect part really got me though, would a self respecting woman enter into a gang-bang? Girls programmed from a young age to behave like a “lady” and that comes with a list of things that lady’s do and don’t do. Self respect was one of them, because if you don’t have self respect, then others don’t respect you, right?

Well there is a part of me that wants to be respected, as both a professional and as a woman, actually a big part of me so to do something that might compromise that bugged me.

But the real question is, by participating in a gang bang does that make me a slut? Well I came to the conclusion that no, I’m not a slut and the deciding factor for that is that I’m selective. I won’t sleep with just anyone and while I got to enjoy 6 guys on the night, there were a few that wanted to join in that I said no to.

We get approached by lots of single guys and it’s probably only about 1 in 20 – 30 that we actually play with (which is not many), I just know what I’m looking for and what I like in a playmate. I don’t play with people just because they are there or because they want to.

When guys ask me extremely personal questions (and just incase you were wondering, no, they generally don’t have any tact) or ask for naked pictures of me (again, no tact), I’m the first one to let them know that’s not how we play the game, and if they don’t get it, we don’t bother with them.

I might be a swinger and engage in sex with people other than my husband but that doesn’t mean I don’t have standards, self respect or professionalism. And it’s no excuse for others to treat me with any less respect or manners either so I’ll let them know so…

All behaviours of a self respecting woman in my book.

So, my conclusion is that no, I’m not a slut…. I’m just adventurous and I encourage other women to be adventurous by exploring their sexual selves too. They don’t need to participate in a gang bang though and to be completely honest, now that I’ve done it I have to say that I prefer more intimate settings but at least I tried it and now I can tick it off my list (along with a few other things hehe)…

Here’s to your sexual evolution!

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2 Responses to “Am I a Slut If I Participate In a Gang-Bang?”

  1. paolo asfalto says:

    I think it’s perfect. Self respect is the way we respect us, not the way the others want we respect us… so everyone knows what is self respect. If he doesn’t, well, there you become a “slut”…

  2. anthonyavr says:

    Nice information, many thanks to the author. It is incomprehensible to me now, but in general, the usefulness and significance is overwhelming. Thanks again and good luck!


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