“I walk the boundaries and blur the lines – so others may wander into new territory.”

Shedding My Lady, Being My Slut

Shedding My Lady, Being My Slut

Did someone hook my libido up to the power station and not tell me?!?  Did some Prince Charming crawl into my subconscious while I was sleeping and kiss my inner slut, waking her up from her long slumber, ravenous and insatiable?  Maybe that forgiveness work I did a few weeks back unlocked more than I thought it would, or maybe it was finally embracing every part of who I am at my core… You know what, I don’t care!  I am loving this!

I know some of you out there already thought I was this unbridled, sex thirsty woman who was completely connected to her inner minx/slut/goddess (they’re all the same thing, right?!?)  Well I hate to ruin your version of me but in all honesty, I’ve been fairly adventurous but not a “wild woman”, or at least not as wild as I’ve seen other women get but when I was surrounded by rock hard manliness (4 of them) on Saturday night, someone new appeared!  Mmm… surrounded… *distracted by flashbacks*

So now I’d like to introduce you to my inner Slut whom I’m embracing every part of, because I friggin can!  *S&M playing in the background* *sings* “I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it!” uh huh!

I had this thing before (well still do to a point) where I wanted to continue to be a lady and classy no matter what I did, almost like it was still a part of the programming I had as a child around what was acceptable and what wasn’t.  People didn’t like women who were “sluts” but being a “lady” was attractive… While being attractive is fun, Saturday night I was downright naughty, a complete slut and I loved it! #liberating

Every woman should tap into their inner slut; completely let go and allow herself to be pleasured in as many ways as possible and ENJOY it FULLY! Talk about finding a way to supercharge the rest of my life!  If we had batteries, they would have to be in our sexual centre.  Has anyone else noticed sexual energy seems to fuel passion for other areas of your life?  That can’t just be me, can it?

I swear to God I have never been so revved up and insatiable… ever!  That said, I have been reading some new material (thank you Tristan Taormino for “The Secrets of Great G-Spot Orgasms and Female Ejaculation”), trying some new things, playing with some new people, which I haven’t done in ages!!!  I realised I hadn’t enjoyed a new playmate since late last year up until last weekend (and oh what a friggin AWESOME weekend it was – flashbacks STILL going!)

Mr Wonderful is LOVING the unleashing; getting sex almost daily, having marathon sessions, trying new positions, making more noise (which our 14 yr old says has “scarred her for life”) and when he suggested anal, which I never really engaged in,  I said “Hehe OK!!! :D  Now????”  Needless to say, the reply message to that was “what have you done with my wife? :)

I am a very passionate and sensual woman and I am loving all the quality playmates I’m attracting right now.  They’re stimulating me in so many ways that I’m practically on the edge of an abyss of sexual frustration… constantly, which is great fuel and Mr Wonderful is reaping all of the benefits from lol. #addicted

So right now I may be slightly ravenous for new experiences, more orgasms and… just more fun!  Life was too serious before, as it gets when you are a business owner and working, being a Mum and everything else that comes up.  I feel like I’m finally really letting my hair down and letting myself let go sexually, and everything else is starting to flow. Go figure!

While this is a new facet of who I am, that I am embracing and going to LOVE exploring, I know I’ll still keep my Lady for times where it’s totally appropriate while knowing I can be that sexy, saucy, minx underneath and unleash her anytime! Oh this is going to be fun!  I need to get more sexy underwear, some leather/pvc stuff, corsets and more BOOTS!

So here I am world, I am every bit a lady and a slut and I’m ready to really experience what sex, my sexuality and my quality play partners have to offer me in pleasure, connection and adventure!  GAME ON!!

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