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Here are some other awesome people and businesses that I know who are be able to offer you legitimate Tantra, sexuality, or dating related help, around the world.



Manic Workshops – Australian dating coaching for men who can help you to rediscover your confident, sexual self.

man talking to woman

Sensual Massage Melbourne / Tantra Melbourne – Laura Deva is a tantric erotic masseuse extraordinaire
laura massage
Tantra Brisbane – Steph is a professional practitioner of traditional tantric massage and tantra training, for individuals and couples. 

Tantra Massage Sydney – Rachel is one of the most experienced tantra masseuses and sexual coaches for men in the country. She has worked for renowned schools worldwide.

Tantric Massage Gold Coast – Helena is featured regularly in the media for her sexual coaching and tantra training (especially for couples). She offers Skype coaching throughout the world and is based on the Gold Coast, QLD.

Sexology Perth – Sylvia has been a professional Sex Coach and Sexologist in Perth for over a decade and helps couples, as well as individuals to discover a whole new sex life.

New Zealand

Auckland Tantra – Mandy you will find ease as she hold a safe space for you to explore the divine potential of your sacred sexuality. You will remember the love and perfection of your body as it surges with ecstatic life force.

United States

Los Angeles Tantra Practitioners

My Tantric Life Los Angeles

KiKi Connects

Miami Tantra Practitioner

Boston Tantra Practitioner

Washington DC Tantra Practitioner

NYC Tantra Practitioner


Tantra Koh Phangan – Learn Tantra or discover what Tantric Massage can do for you in the beautiful surroundings of Koh Phangan (the Mecca of Tantra), in the South of Thailand.



Tantra Stockholm – Lisa has been a professional Tantric Trainer in Sweden, and around the world, since 2011. She specialises in helping men, women and couples to overcome sexual blocks, heal trauma and find new depths of consciousness and connection. She offers sessions in both Stockholm, and Uppsala in Sweden. She also runs Tantra Massage Stockholm.