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Review: Lelo Tiani 2

Review: Lelo Tiani 2

Lelo Tiani 2


What it is:

The Lelo Tiani 2 is the second version of their product designed to rival the well known, We-Vibe. The Tiani 2 is a U shaped toy, which aims to be pleasuring and stimulating both the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time. The Tiani2 also comes with a remote for more options as well as his amusement… I’m sure it can’t just be my husband, right?

The one thing this U shaped toy has over the we-vibe (apart from the remote, so technically that’s 2 things.., oh well) is the second “tail” it comes with. It has a G-spot U arm for when she’s on her own, and one which has a flatter outer edge for when she has him, or a cock shaped toy, sliding in and out of her too. Very cool design I must say.

It is also made from non-toxic materials (which is extremely important to me), it plugs into the wall to recharge (so no, you can just open the box and go for the buzz) and the remote requires 2 AAA batteries which are not included, just so you know.

The Tiani 2 is waterproof and the remote is said to be good for up to 12 metres!

What it’s good for:

This is one of those toys which is not only good for her on her own, but it really is a great couples toy. Especially if she is not an easy one to get to orgasm because this little baby with it can slide right in there and stay there while he’s sliding in and out next to it.

Not to mention the potentially endless hours of entertainment for you both as you work out how far the remote can go and how many different vibe settings you can create, or what settings produce a sudden pleasure reaction! You know that one, when you’ve decided to be daring and wear it out in a club somewhere and you’ve given your partner the remote; standing at the bar ordering a drink when a sudden intense buzzing takes your breath away and your knees collapse just a little below you… THAT sudden pleasure reaction!

My experience with it:

Ok, so let me start off with the not-so-great part (which is really minor – yes this toy is THAT good); while I LOVE the beautifully presented box with all it’s pieces and a pretty little broach, which exudes the usual Lelo quality, the only thing missing is a little book of instructions! I have since found out it should have come with some, but hey, it’s all part of the adventure, right?

So I had some fun finding out what this toy can do, and I may have got little bit frustrated going “why is the remote not making the toy change its buzz?” – the answer to that is to turn the toy on first but don’t touch the button again, turn the remote on and then use the remote to change the settings… using the button directly on the toy to change the settings, makes the toy ignore the remote.

The remote buzzes along with the toy and while initially I thought it was a stupid idea, it made so much more sense when I realised; if your partner is on the other side of the room (yes the remote wireless range works quite well), he (or she) can actually feel the same sensation the toy is giving you! Oh and I accidentally found a way to stop the vibration in the remote and get it to use it’s little light to show what setting it was on… I can’t tell you how I did it, I couldn’t do it again but when I work it out, you’ll be the first to know!

It took a bit of playing with the remote to work out how to get it to cycle through the settings, which the toy can do on it’s own (hint: the middle button on the remote, which looks like an eye, hold that down for more than a millisecond and see what it does), but when it’s not in the preset modes, the free-flow setting can be quite fun because as you tilt your hand (in any direction), and the buzzing intensifies, then if you go up and down quickly (as if you were throwing a ball in the air and catching it, except don’t actually throw it), it does the buzz-stop-buzz thing. Oh and a really cool feature; with the remote in your hand, move your hand around in a horizontal circle, the faster you can make the thing inside spin around the edges, the more intense the vibration! Mmmm, sweet surprises…

I can see this being a fun toy to have at a dance party where the remote is in the hand of someone who likes moving their arms and hands around a lot… I might test that out at the next Saints!

Apart from flying blind, it had a number of fun settings, which work particularly well depending what stage of foreplay you’re at! I particularly like the mode that ramps up to a high intensity quickly then stops, ramps up and stops. When I used the remote, I worked out; pressing on the + button in that mode made the top intensity even more intense! Perfect for the home stretch into orgasm crescendo or me!!

When you’ve had enough of playing with the toy on your own or with the remote, the Tiani 2 has an additional tail, which is flatter and has a nice groove shape for him to slide on in, with the Tiani 2 in place! As with any U shaped toy like this, too much lube can make it move in and out a bit when he does so be careful not to over do it.

When you have the Tiani 2 in place and he’s sliding in and out, particularly if he thrusts in deep and holds it in for a moment longer… O… M… G! Oh YES is all I can say! Try it and tell me what you think!

There are so many options with this toy, for both solo and partnered play, that it is definitely worth having in your toy box. You can even have it for parties if you are so inclined, and see how many new modes and settings you can find which work with your natural foreplay and orgasmic rhythms!

It’s my new favourite toy! Watch this space for some diary entries detailing some of our adventures as we continue to explore what the Tiani 2 can really do! To my swinging friends – A MUST HAVE!

If you would like to learn more or purchase this toy, go to Lelo.com.

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