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For men anyway! It’s not necessarily the case but for a lot of bi-curious men it seems that they have no issue with sucking another mans penis but kiss his lips and no, can’t go there! It’s almost like the old Pretty Woman scenario, everything else is just sex, but kissing is intimate and suggests love and affection which most men don’t have for another man, they just like what they can do to them.

So imagine my surprise when Mr Wonderful (aka Hubby) wants to try it! Now does that mean he’s turning gay? Let me tell you the answer to that one – NO! He’s just willing to explore his sexuality and see what he likes and what he doesn’t.

Exploring your sexuality can be a bit daunting, just like when you first started having sex. It’s awkward, you were nervous and fumbling, wondering if you were doing it right and not sure how to make a move or ask to do something you want to try… This is no different and you should be gentle with yourself as you go down this path.

We were lucky in that I had a gay friend… well, lucky for Mr Wonderful! He’s not into girls or girl bits at all so my involvement is limited. We went out one night to a gay club and as you do when you go out, you have a few drinks and such to relax and chill out… well, he relaxed alright, had his first boy kiss and then couldn’t get enough of it! Initially prompted by his altered state but he’s continued to enjoy it since.

The key is to explore with people who are not only completely comfortable with their own sexuality, bi or gay, but also that you feel really comfortable with. Our gay friend has been really good for Mr Wonderful to be able to try all sorts of new things, and all 3 of us are extremely comfortable around each other which I think comes from being able to talk openly about everything.

So now it seems we have a wife, a husband and his gay lover… maybe I should find myself a gorgeous lesbian lover too… Are there books on relationships like this? Ooh, maybe I should write one…

Here’s to your sexual evolutions!

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  1. I felt the very same way… when a guy first kissed me I just sat there and didn’t know what to do.. I didn’t want to necessary want to be ‘that gay’ … but of course I was happy for him to suck my cock 😉

    Moving forward and since then, prior to my current partner I went through a huge gay exploration phase and LOVED IT .. opening myself to feel its ‘okay to be gay for a moment’ .. I love getting myself lost in my kinky male fantasies and then sharing them with my female partner..

    My only disappointment is safe sex gets in the way of my ultimate fantasy of gay snowball kissing with a group of guys.. particularly while showing off for their girlfriends.

    Learning to shake off the second thoughts and live in the moment of my bisexual lust was the most amazing and uplifting experiences of my life..

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