“I walk the boundaries and blur the lines – so others may wander into new territory.”

I Think I’m Becoming More Bi

What a night! Actually, what a weekend!! 2 nights in a row of play time which is unusual, but a weekend double header has been lots of fun! Out of all that though, the highlight for me was the last few hours of this morning when I was astounded by my own desire to play with girls. That isn’t typical for me. I do like kissing girls (a lot!) and only on a rare occasion have I felt something more for a particular girl, but that feeling seems to be happening on a more regular basis.

Last night we had a group of people over, which included some new people we’d not played with before and another girl that I’ve enjoyed playing with in the past. Two significant things happened.

Significant event number 1 was with a girl we’ve played with before… she is probably the only girl where it’s been a mutual “I would so just like to play with you” kind of feeling. I haven’t seen her in a while but was looking forward to catching up last night. I recently realised that I actually miss her, which is a weird feeling for me to begin with but last night it was something different again.

When she was leaving, I found myself wanting to ask her out on a date or something… just the 2 of us… alone… and the thought of doing that gives me good tingly sensations in all the right places. I never thought I’d feel like this about a girl! She has a great boyfriend though; he’s funny, good looking and full of energy, but when she’s around I can’t help but want to just play with her. I think that’s because there is so much new stuff that I want to explore and experience with her, it’s nothing to do with him, he’s awesome. If I could get that chance, away from other people including my own Mr Wonderful, then maybe I wouldn’t be as focused on her when we’re all together.

Who knows, this whole girl thing is so totally new for me so it might happen that way, and it might not… but it doesn’t end there.

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