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I Got to Sleep With One of the Cool Kids!


You know when you’re at school and you have the “cool” kids?  Then you have Sporto’s, Geeks, and then the rest are just weirdo’s or nobody’s.  Well I was kinda a fringe girl.  I was actually on friendly terms with most of them but not in any one group.  And then the group I fell into was formed from people who were drifters from other groups, which means we were pretty much nobody’s.

Anyway, I never saw myself as cool but I secretly wanted to be lol, doesn’t everyone?!?

Well I saw one of the cool kids on Facebook and sent a friend request. I mean, what was I going to lose, right?  Absolutely nothing as it turns out.

I haven’t seen him since college which was nearly 20 years ago *cringes* so it’s fair to say we really didn’t know each other, but long story short, I put a post up on my wall about a personal development workshop and he privated messaged me to find out more about it.  So one thing led to another (eventually but that’s skipping to the juicy part of the story… *breathes*) and we chatted on the phone to catch up on each others lives.  A week later I had to go up to QLD (which is where he’s living now) and it just so happened I had a free night and needed a place to stay.

I proposed the idea of staying with him and the answer was a resounding “absolutely”… ok, this was already blowing my mind having been on the phone talking to one of the “cool kids” and then I was going to have a sleep over at his house! It was ridiculous! I was acting like a giggling school girl and feeling all cool because I was “I get to sleep over at the cool kid’s house”!!!  Mr Wonderful and my bestie’s were having a good chuckle at my school girl giddiness!  I let them because sadly, it was such a huge moment for me lol!

So I get up there, I’m waiting for him to pick me up and I realise I’m nervous… Like, what the hell was I nervous about? Really? It’s been 20 years damnit, there are no cool kids anymore!   Now I have to say that I didn’t have any expectations that we would do more than chat for hours over a few bottles of something, but… yeah ok, I admit to having some wild ideas about getting to know each other… while we were buck naked!

I got a surprise when he introduced me to his best mate who had tagged along, who was tall, dark and handsome.  No surprise really, my friend (yes, I can call him that now lol) always hung around the beautiful people!  So my first thought was “threesome perhaps?”… yeah, I might have been up for that.  The second I got to hug my friend and saw the big grin on his face when he saw me, I knew we clicked enough to quite likely explore that space (you know the one – the SEXUAL space!!)

So the 3 of us go to a tavern for drinks and within 5 minutes we’re laughing and chatting like old friends.  I knew at that point where the night was going to head, and I may have been a little excited about that but shhhhh, I didn’t tell them.  I played it super cool because after all, I was hanging with the cool kid!

At the tavern I was being open and very social to see how this would play out.  I notice my friend had no issue sitting right next to me and allowing parts of his arms or legs touching mine – classic green light signs!  The sexual tension started to increase, I could feel it and I know he did too.  He was nice enough to escort me to the bathrooms and there was a moment there I nearly leaned across and kissed him but for some reason I held back (kissing the cool kid… omg!)

After a few drinks we headed back to their place to get stuck into the bottle we bought (yeeha!!)  My friend took my suitcases up to my room (which turns out was his room that he was giving up for me… although between you and me I think he secretly planned to be in there with me hehe).  Now I’m not shy (*gasp*, yes it’s true) and I decided to get out of my dressy clothes into something more comfortable (no, not sexy lingerie, I figured wearing something like that would prove I planned this all along and we can’t have evidence of that – it would ruin my reputation!)  I got my jeans on, had my bra off and was just about to put my t-shirt on when he came in and caught me half dressed.  I reassured him I wasn’t shy (like I really needed to – the bare boobs kind of said it for me) but I kept on facing the wall, away from him, until I had it on.

I turned around, t-shirt in place and I’m not quite sure how many actual milliseconds it took me but I think I just took one look at him and one step forward so we were basically chest to chest and kissed him passionately.  I pulled his body into mine as he pulled mine into his and I was pleasantly surprised to find he kissed the way I like it – soft, sensual, passionate and just… fucking awesome!  I was doing an internal happy dance… OMG, I was kissing the cool kid!

It blew me away how hot and passionate we were in that moment and hang on a second, why did we not do this back in high school??  Oh that’s right, because I was shy and frigid.  Yes, it’s true although I think I’ve made up it by now  😉

We kissed and kissed, eventually stopping with the intention of going down stairs to his mate and a friend who had come along, because we “should be sociable”, but it was intense and we could barely pull ourselves apart!  Eventually after a few minutes more of “oh god just fuck me” kissing, we managed to get as far as the doorway where he pinned me up against the wall (how did he know I’d love that?!?!)   Slowly I moved my ass out the door as if to lead us in that direction… damn it was hard, in fact I recall sitting on the bed before that and closely inspecting how hard it was with my lips lol!  *lost in flashbacks* Sorry, I digress

We did make it back downstairs where, and I don’t know how this happened (too much Jack) but after testing the kissing skills of my friend, I opted to test out his friend by going up and kissing him!  *MELT* they both kiss just the way I like it *happy dance* – this never happens!  So without too much discussion; “threesome?” We headed upstairs to let loose on each other!

Now a lady doesn’t kiss and tell… well ok, I’m not a lady exactly but I do have to keep some details to myself! Suffice it to say, I got to enjoy the cool kid (20 years later) sliding in and out of me (yeah!!) and I found myself a new “Pet”!  Now I can’t wait to have them both down here for dinner, and I’m not talking about a roast… well hang on, there may be a spit roast of sorts!

*wet* I love my life!

PS: Does sleeping with a cool kid now make me cool?!? HAHAHA

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