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How A Single Guy Can Get it On With Couples – Even a Couple of Girls!

Some time ago, Chantelle wrote an article about how a guy can snag and shag a couple. This article offered great advice on what couples expect from single guys. And, since the woman in the couple often gets the casting vote about whether to let a particular male applicant play or not, I hope you guys paid special attention to her words of wisdom.

Now, I suggest that after you read this, go back and study very carefully what Chantelle has already said. Then, once you combine all of this information in that little neck-top computer you like to refer to as your brain, you may stand a fighting chance of getting it on with another couple. And, yes, that could even be a couple of other girls!

My experience comes as having been that “single guy”. A few years back, I joined one of Australia’s biggest adult dating sites to meet some chicks and see how many notches I could put on the bedpost, so to speak. And in this adventure, I met and had sex with single girls, couples and, on a few treasured occasions – two women at once.

When I first joined the site, I have to admit I had no luck. Well, luck really had nothing to do with it. I was stuffing everything up big time – from the profile to those first email approaches. The lot! But I soon figured out what I was doing wrong, and in a few months the flood gates had opened.

I’m not going to launch into a step-by-step guide here about every step you need to take and all the things you need to do to be the king of online dating. I’ve already covered that in detail elsewhere.

No, what I am here to tell you is how simple it was to meet that first couple, since that is what you are interested in. Actually, before I proceed, I must say one thing. If you are bisexual or at least bi curious, then your chances are going to increase dramatically, and the effort you have to put in is less. There are thousands of MF couples out there in cyber dating land where the male partner is bi or curious.

Here, though, I am going to tell you about approaching and having sex with a couple that is straight. You might ask what the appeal is for a man in a straight couple in having another straight guy hop into bed with him and his woman. And that’s a fair question. I didn’t understand it at first either. Basically, the guy in the relationship is not interested in touching you or you touching him (you may get a little incidental, friendly-fire contact of the “balls-to-balls” variety if there is any double penetration happening – but otherwise for the men it’s all attention focused on the female).

The three basic motivations I encountered for a straight couple inviting a single male for sex are as follows:

1.            He wants to have his own live sex show and gets off by watching another guy fucking his wife/girlfriend. He is comfortable with one guy, and prefers this scenario to another couple for a number of reasons (for example, his wife/GF would get jealous of him with another woman, or he might have performance issues in front of another woman).

2.            He has a physical problem that prevents him performing sexually.

3.            She wants another man to enjoy.

When you look at these sexual preferences, you might not realize just how many couples they apply to. In fact, there are so many that you have a great chance of having sex with a couple or two that want to meet single guys, no strings attached.

So let’s look at that first time with another couple.

Their profile put them a little older than me at the time, but I figured that was no drama. Just as an aside here guys – boost your chances with both girls and couples by not limiting yourself to your own demographic (age group).

They were looking for couples or single guys and were new in town. Immediately, I took the initiative of offering to show them around the city. My first email to them did not mention anything about sex. But there were a few hints. My first email was something along the lines of – “Hi guys! I specialise in taking couples who have just moved to town on personalised, guided tours of all the hot spots. Please give me your fantasy itinerary and we’ll take it from there!” I also gave them access to a private gallery, where the choice was theirs to look at whatever kind of pictures they wanted. Oh yeah, it goes without saying that you need a nice, flattering photo of yourself on your profile. Otherwise, your success rate will be close to zero. Just a fact.

In a few days I received a reply that latched onto the “hot spots” and “fantasy” bits, and they had added their own innuendo-laden suggestions. Stuff like – I would love to show you my hotspot. I have to admit I blushed when I got that first reply.

In reality, I did take them on a tour of the city which was fun and lasted all day. After that, a few drinks at a hotel and back to their place to consummate our new friendship in the manner that all were hoping for. I hung out with them for a while, and later met some others. It really was just a matter of being nice, polite and sparking their curiosity and interest. Not rocket science by any means.

Try to be as witty and cheeky as you can without being foul-mouthed. At least at the start. Also, I have to warn you there are some scary couples out there that you want to avoid, but they are usually easy to spot when you are browsing the membership. You will know these creeps the minute you read their profiles. No matter how desperate and horny I was, some of these couples were far too repulsive for me to even think about approaching them. But, as far as I could tell, most couples were genuine and on the level. At least I never had any bad experiences.

Now, about the threesomes with a couple of girls? You are unlikely to snag a bisexual female couple. Or a pair of “straight-curious lesbians” (why have I never seen that category, dammit?!). But there is another way. If you manage to hook up with some bisexual or at least bi-curious women individually, you will be amazed at how many will be grateful for you to be the one to organize a meeting where three of you get together. Quite a few women who list themselves as bi or curious neglect to write that they are terrified of hooking up with another girl by initiating something themselves. But if they are in their comfort zone of that old familiar sexual situation (i.e. where there is also a penis involved – yours), you can take the lead and introduce a couple of bi girls to each other. And then …

Getting back to the MF couple scenario, you will have plenty of success by being yourself and following the guidelines Chantelle wrote about in her article. Study them hard, don’t be a jerk-off, and you will be joining the ranks of “lucky” single guys who are able to hook up with couples.


Cam Langdon provides free dating tips to men who want to meet women online. His free e-book, Turn Cyber Sex Into Reality, has already been downloaded and read by thousands of men around the world. Cam’s dating advice is easy to understand and will help you meet more women online than you thought possible.  He also writes for AdultMatchMaker.com.au.


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