"I walk the boundaries and blur the lines – so others may wander into new territory."

Here is what I would like

Ok, Universe… are you paying attention?

This is what I would like to happen the next time we have a swinging couple over for dinner:

The kids are out of the house.

Whilst preparing dinner, there is lots of little touches here and there. Lots of interesting and sexy talk. A grope here and a grope there. Some kissing and general interaction between all 4 of us.

A nice dinner, a few drinks, continuing sexy talk…. clothes beginning to be taken off.

Progress things to the massage table. 6 handed massage for each of the girls… and hell… a nice massage for the blokes as well!! Each person having a turn, lots of massage oil… and no doubt some fondling, kissing and general sexy play.

Lots of being at ease, naked, flirting and cheeky play. Everyone completely at ease with all aspects of what is going on.

After a little while… lets serve up dessert…. ON THE GIRLS SEXY NAKED BODIES!!!

From that point, a fulfilling of everyones sexual desires….. with lots of photo’s to remember it all by.

Finish it off with everyone snuggling down for a sleep, all 4 in the bed spooning.

Morning….. and a little more playing and fulfilling of sexual desires.

A nice breakfast and just chilling out for a relaxing day of being naked, just hanging out… and going with the flow.

Now…………….. I’ve put it out there, Universe….. time to delilver!!