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Happy Birthday!

orgycardBut not for me lol!  A good friend of ours turned 40 and for his birthday, his partner arranged a bit of a birthday orgy for him… or was it a gang bang?  Who knows, the bottom line (well, lots of bottoms) were a nice string of sexy playmates he got to fuck over the course of a few hours, one after the other and none of us minded… He was the birthday boy after all and this was his fantasy!

It got me thinking though, after 8 years in “the lifestyle” and my birthday coming up, what would I want?  I’ve done most things at least once (minus much of the kink and tantra realms) so what’s my fantasy?  What would be a mind-blowing way for me to celebrate my 38th year (yes, I am that old/young depending where you are in relation to me)…?

I did a gang bang once with a bunch sexy guys and to be honest, I didn’t get off on it like other women do.  I just felt like I ticked it off my to-do list and now I can move on (no, really, it didn’t do it for me although I kind of wish it did!)  I find when I have more than one person to give pleasure to while at the same time trying to enjoy the pleasure being given, it can be distracting…  My own pleasure and orgasms suffer which is no fun and certainly not mind-blowing which this girl wants more than anything! 😀

One on one or a few on me works well and I am exploring tantra so the whole connection thing has been heightening the experience for me and I just want to dive in more!

For Mr Wonderful’s birthday a couple of months ago I spent quite a few hours doing “cock appreciation” massage which involved a whole lot of Pjur lube, my warm hands slowly and firmly sliding up and down, and around his cock, balls and anus… Enjoying our naked bodies… *excuse me while I get lost in flashbacks*… Ahhhh… It also included a few head jobs and some long slow passionate love making with a bit of fucking in the mix which he loved (what man wouldn’t).  So maybe I should have some G-Spot appreciation?  Maybe have a few of our favourite playmates join in for some all-hands-on-Rach time?  Get out the rope for some Shebari (Japanese Rope Bondage) which I’m finding a love for… But what else?  What does my body and soul yearn for?  What fantasy would excite me?  Right now I’m not sure (which is an interesting space to be in for me!)

Whatever it happens to be, I’ll be happy if I can just let go and enjoy it, not have to focus on anyone else… Yes, it’s all about ME!!  That’s what a birthday should be about, huh!

Feel free to share your birthday suggestions or share your own birthday stories in the comments, perhaps they will inspire me or someone else! MWAH

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