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Free Test – Are You Naturally Non-Monogamous?

Below are just 5 questions to assess if you are more naturally monogamous or non-monogamous!

1.  Read each statement and select the one which best describes you (HINT:  Don’t over think it, go with the one which feels about right within the first few seconds <– That would me if I was on your side)

2.  Enter your name and email address <– Yes, you are subscribing to our “please connect with me occasionally” list, but I promise it will only be a very short email once a week with the even-more-occasional “we have something new and exciting to share” extra email randomly thrown in (well, not so randomly but you know what I mean).

You can unsubscribe at any time but at least give us a trial period of a month and see what goodies you’d unsubscribing from before you decide?  Yeah?

3.  WRITE YOUR SCORE DOWN SOMEWHERE!  So when you receive the email with your results (limited technology here), you will know which paragraph to read!

Ready…. Set…. GO!

WAIT:  Did you write your score down?  (Just a nice friendly reminder because I know how much it sucks remembering just after you press the big red button :D)

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