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Forgot To Do a "Flood Warning", Oops!

OMG, what a night! It was so good that it’s 4:30am and I’m here writing this instead of sleeping for a few hours before a busy vanilla day!

Sometimes the best nights are are impromptu. We didn’t have any plans tonight but Mr Wonderful was inspired to go on MSN, which he hasn’t been on in a long time, and apparently a playmate of ours had the same idea. We haven’t been able to catch up with him for about a year or more so it was great timing. I’m not sure who was more excited about catching up, our playmate or my Mr Wonderful! This guy is one of the only guys he is really comfortable playing with so it was both HOT and amusing that he was giddy like a teen about seeing him, and apparently our playmate was also counting down the minutes to us arriving.

[protected] It was like no time had passed and it didn’t take long to progress from “hi” to nakedness once again. It felt so easy and natural for us all to be hanging out naked. It’s not often you come across a playmate that fits so well into your life, that you feel so comfortable with so it was nice to see that time hadn’t changed it.

Our playmate is as bi as you can get so when we are together, it really is a full three way; so many combinations! It all started in the kitchen; three way kissing, them two kissing, us two kissing, the playmate and me kissing, and that all happened within 5 seconds! There were hands everywhere, on every part of each others bodies, tongues in so many places… While one was being kissed, there was a hand on both cocks and someone kissing a neck and another one kissing a nipple and… Oh I can’t remember, suffice it to say the action was constantly evolving, even after we made it to the bedroom!

We arrived at 10pm, the first time we came up for air and looked at the clock it was 1:15am. We figured we’d jump into his bed and nap for a bit, while porn was still playing… Well you can guess what didn’t happen, seriously, men don’t need anymore than a slight brush of human flesh on theirs to be switched back on again… I put Mr Wonderful in the middle of our playmate and me… Pretty soon the covers were moving like someone was playing the drums under there lol! It seems that being in bed with another cock was too much to refuse, so hand on cocks it was! I wasn’t complaining, I had Mr Wonderful’s hand on puss too! And so began another round only this time we needed a mop and bucket… actually, we should have asked for Noah’s Ark!

This playmate in particular is really talented at getting me to squirt. He positioned me with my lower half off the bed, my feet on the floor and him in between my legs, and it didn’t take much to get me going. He sent Mr Wonderful for a towel it was coming out so quick! I was amazed, once again… Really? That was coming out of me? He kept making it build up so when he pulled out to a certain point, it just flowed… OMG… it was squirt central! He swapped with Mr Wonderful for a while, and I kept squirting! I didn’t realise that at the same time our playmate was doing something really special to his ass… HOT!

Eventually hubby tapped out again and our playmate was back in. I don’t know what he does, or if his cock shape is just perfect for it but damn, I seriously flood when he decides to make me squirt. I don’t normally orgasm when I can get it to flow consistently like that, but I got my little buzzy toy out and went to work anyway. To my surprise it wasn’t long before I got that warm, tingly familiar sensation building, and as it did, I noticed that the small stream turned into a bit more of a river and it didn’t seem to stop. I think he hit the “full ball!!!” button about then, and the more intense the orgasm got, the more I squirted. I could swear that at the peak of that enormous and intense, ecstasy, my body was acting like a firehose!!!

The towel on the floor was soaked and the carpet underneath it was wet… My legs were shaking, I was out of breath and was amused at the somewhat loud, but pleasurable, sounds I had made during that earth shattering orgasm! I looked at our playmate, he was loving it, which I notice most men do! Oh and high fives for the orgasm during a squirt session, we can tick that box now!

So Victoria should have had a flood warning for this evening, I think there was at least 1000mm of rainfall in 30 minutes somewhere south of the city!

Ok, now I can sleep… Nigh night! [/protected]

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