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Dickens Energy Cider

What it is:

Well it’s an energy drink but it has “Horny Goat Weed” in it. Bit like your Red Bull or V but with that extra something.

What it does:

Gives you the boost you need to go all night and to enhance your libido… apparently!

My experience with it:

Well I was all jazzed to see if it actually made me horny, and so was Mr Wonderful! I sat down with a big glass of it, and downed it over about half an hour. At about the hour mark I wasn’t feeling particularly horny, but I was wide awake! In my infinite wisdom I thought I should get some work done while I was wide awake since by that time most nights I’m crashing on the couch!

Well a few hours later Mr Wonderful decided to crash out, I wasn’t horny but was very much awake! 3am, I decided to try going to sleep, found I was still pretty much awake (6 hours later) and as I do sometimes, used Mr Wonderful to get to sleep – came to bed and jumped him 😛

So while it was supposed to enhance my libido, I didn’t feel any instant I-want-you-now feelings, it did wake me up! If we were to go to a party and I was feeling a little on the sleepy side, this would do it! As for mood enhancing, not so much.

Rating [rating=6]


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