Day 3 Sex Camp: Total GRRR Factor

Day 3 Sex Camp: Total GRRR Factor

A slow start to what would turn out to be a mind-blowing day, which revealed a lot about myself; things I hadn’t seen or felt before.

Now, I may or may not have crawled into bed about 7am after a night of pure indulgence on so many levels (what happens at Sex Camp, stays at Sex Camp), so after I dragged myself to breakfast having had maybe 2 hours sleep, I decided to see what “Sexual Healing” was about.

Nat Ferrier did an in depth session about STI’s and sexual health, and she facilitated some good discussion around the perceptions of people with STI’s such as Herpes (very common).  It was very informative and I would recommend her to anyone who is having some difficulties with sexual health or abuse recovery (more information at the end of this article).

I have to admit, it was a great session but after only having 2 hours sleep, a full tummy and being snuggled up to a sexy man, I fell asleep during the meditation at the end… d’oh!

It may have been the powernap I needed for the next session though; “Sex Beyond Genitals” run by the gorgeous Eyal and Emma from Tantra is Love!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this session but figured it would be about how to turn someone on without touching their genital, like caressing someone’s skin in other erogenous zones and stuff like that… Nope… Not quite.

This session had a nickname, which was quite apt and one I loved; “chakra fucking”!  Yup, that about sums it up.  Now being a non-hippy type person, I knew this was going to be a session which would stretch and educate me in ways I wasn’t sure I was ready for but what the hell, I was there and I had made the intention at the beginning of the weekend to try new things and follow my intuition, so this is where I needed to be.

The first part of the session was education about the various chakras and what kind of sexual energy is produced when you focus on those areas, which included a fabulous demonstration of which positions a couple could be in to activate those chakras during love making (don’t worry, the chakra fucking part is coming – pun intended).

Emma and Eyal appeared to be extremely comfortable with each other as they (fully clothed) showed us each position, even having some fun with it, which made it entertaining too.  When they got to the crown chakra, I was mesmerised as I watched Eyal connect with Emma energetically; they sat opposite each other and locked eyes, then Emma started orgasming on the spot!  What tha?  Damn girl!  Wish I was so orgasmic that just a look and intense stare could get me off.

Now it wasn’t a small “ohh..ohhhh… OHHHHH” type orgasm either, while there was some sound, her body writhed and was twitching for a good 5 – 10 minutes, which is what my body had started doing when I orgasmed.  I had to giggle though, she went to get up and couldn’t – her body hadn’t quite finished yet lol.

I know it sounds weird, in all honesty I felt a little uncomfortable but I knew it was just my stuff around seeing a woman orgasm in a room of 70 odd people who were just watching, and no one was naked or joining in!  Actually, it was more about the thought of how naked I would feel if it were me!

Once the demonstration was done, we were then instructed to find a partner (male-female) and sit in front of them, face to face, knees touching or legs wrapped around each other so we could connect energetically and see what happened.

I looked around before we had to go and partner up, and there was only one guy around me who I felt I wanted to do this with but he was already laying on another girl whom I’m sure he had been enjoying so would likely partner with her.  I checked in with my intuition… I was surprised to sense a need to partner with a girl.  I had some stuff I wanted to break through, in regards to increasing my comfort level of being sexual with a girl; “chakra fucking” sounded like the perfect way to do it!

When it came time to partner up, I avoided any eye connection with the guys around me and instead stood up to see who else was around.  I was surprised to see a woman behind me whom I’d had a great chat to earlier in the weekend.  She asked if I had a partner, I said no and she asked if I’d like to partner with her.  I wanted to say “hell yes” but I played it cool and said “sure”.

Can I just add at this point; I had no major sexual attraction to this woman, although she was attractive, I just hadn’t imagined any wild or intimate moments with her, like I had for a small number of other men during the weekend (who shall remain nameless of course).

So we sat knees to knees, facing each other and eye gazes locked.  We had been instructed to focus on the second chakra up (the sacral chakra), building the energy and connecting to the person in front of us.

We started to breath in sync, which began to get faster, deeper and louder, we started to move in waves; toward and away from each other as we breathed. As we allowed ourselves to build the energy between us, we also allowed ourselves to connect and let go… I was surprised to hear myself start to make sounds when I was breathing out, like I do when I’m lost in pleasure while having sex.

People around us in the room were breathing and moaning, and making sounds which I normally only hear in a room full of swingers going off!  Our gaze got more intense, the energy inside me was building and I was starting to feel the same physical sensations I do when I’m turned on, there was definitely blood flow to my favourite places.  I was wondering how this was possible but at the same time, loving the tingles and increasing desire.

Our breathing got faster and louder as we took it to a whole other level; our gaze was now more like “I want to grab you right now; strip you naked and… grrrrrrrr!”  It was deeply sensual, sexual, passionate and we hadn’t even touched each other!

Soon we were instructed to bring ourselves back down and detach but OMG, we seriously struggled to slow it down and step out of the massive sexually charged space we had created.  I don’t think either of us really wanted to stop; all I wanted to do was pounce on her, strip her naked and go to town on her, and  I got the impression the feeling was mutual.  Considering there was no real sexual attraction before this exercise, it certainly showed me what was possible and how to create, and tap into, sexual energy when I want to.  *happy dance*

Thankfully there was one more exercise to do before we could finish the workshop, it was another round of energy focus and synchronised breathing and connection.  Only this time, we were to focus on the heart chakra.  Yeah, I think they knew…

For me, this connected us on a deeper level and took us up and out of the intensely sexual energy we were in (I was kinda glad it took the edge off, although in all honesty, I wanted to go back to it too).  This was much softer and more flow oriented in the way we breathed and moved, although we still made a whole lot of sound together but we almost harmonised!

I think if we hadn’t move the connection up and out of our genital region, we may not have made it out of the workshop space without jumping each other; it was absolutely mind-blowing!  And although we didn’t, we created a definite connection, which we both want to explore more of….

Walking out of there, I felt so open sexually and energetically… And was on my way to Sensual Rope Play… Uh oh!  I wonder if being so open is what created the raging… You’ll have to read the next post 😉

For sexual eduation, energy work, support groups and workshops around sexual health, Nat Ferrier specializes in sexual health and holistic wellbeing for men and women.  Use the Contact page to request her contact details. 

Eyal and Emma are from Tantra is Love (, they do workshops for individuals and couples, and private sessions.  I highly recommend them if you want to turbo boost your sexual energy and increase connected love making with your partner (among other things).




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