Day 3 Sex Camp: Tie Me Up, Now!

By Chantelle Austin — June 11, 2012

So walking into Sensual Rope Play after being opened up energetically (heart and sexually especially), may have slightly… well no, to be honest, it quite likely massively heightened the next 90 minutes for me. It didn’t matter if it did or not, either way, I was in a great space for this next adventure into something I had never even considered before.

For me, rope play was just about tying someone up, and I couldn’t think of any reason I’d want rope instead of something soft like silk ties or soft scarves.  Surely rope would hurt and the idea of rope burn?  Nah, not for me.  At least, I didn’t think so prior to this workshop.

After settling into the lap of a gorgeous man I made a connection with (who became my “man-chair” and thus he shall be called from here on in, to protect his identity).  I realised I was already tingly in all the right places.  Not long after, a gorgeous woman I’d not really met, settled into my man-chair right next to me.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say I found her attractive so it didn’t take long before the three of us were intertwined; arms and legs on each other… *breathes*

It was hot in the room before the presenters even got started!  Or was it just me?

Hebari and (damn, can’t remember his name) were our tour guides into the world of Sensual Rope Play and they started by telling us a bit about their experience and where they learned their craft.  I was not surprised to hear they spent some quality time in Japan learning the art of rope; the Japanese have a reputation for beauty, discipline and ritual, and this was no different (as I discovered).

I was trying hard to focus and not be distracted by my own little sex-charged pod, but I think it only helped me see the sensuality of it all.

First step, to find out who wanted to be tied up and who wanted to be the person doing the tying (the Rigger – in case you wanted to know the correct term).  I would normally have gone for the Rigger role, but to be true to my Sex Camp intention, I was there to expand my experience and try things I wouldn’t normally do, so my hand went up to be the person tied up.  It seems most of the room was in the same space, we had more people who wanted to be tied up than Riggers.

The gorgeous woman I was wrapped in also wanted to be tied up and our lovely man-chair was keen to be the Rigger.  She was nearly volunteered to tie someone else up but I (and then we) negotiated with the presenters for her and I to both be tied up by our man-chair.  I may have had other plans for her… Success!  She was mine… or ours, lol!

“Who would like to volunteer?” was the question Hebari asked, and seconds later, up jumped a woman who was nearby; no arm twisting required… The promise of being tied up must have been enough, and now I can understand why.  I would have volunteered, but that would have meant leaving my threesome, and I was being fueled by the sexual energy between us so I wasn’t keen to go anywhere… If I could have slowed time down, I would have!  Addicted much?  Happily 🙂

He started off by having her sit cross-legged right in front of him, and then had her lean back on his chest.  He crossed her arms across her chest, and had his crossed over the top of hers; almost like he was giving her a big hug.  Then he got her to breathe deep and slow, and he matched her; breathing in sync… They breathed in… and out… in… out… in… out… Getting slower and slower.  It seemed as though he started to control when she would breathe.  I was mesmerised as I watch the two of them connect; she relaxed more with each breath out, and as she did it was like she just let go more and more; trusting herself and trusting him… Allowing whatever was coming, to just happen.

Once she was there, he grabbed the rope, which was within easy reach, and tied it to her wrist, explaining to us how to tie it.  He only tied it to her wrist and then had her lean back, breathing in sync again and relaxing in his arms… Time seemed to stop for a moment; we were all fixated on what was happening in front of us, the moment heightened by knowing it was something we were all going to experience ourselves shortly.

The anticipation was starting to increase exponentially as we witnessed him, in one fluid motion, breathe in with her, push her out from him, wrap the rope around her and then pull her back into him as they were breathing out, wrapping himself around her again…

I couldn’t believe how erotic it was… I had never realised rope play (and possibly quite a few other types of play) were not so much about the tool itself, but the dance between the people using it.  It was beautiful, erotic, sensual and just… mind-blowing to witness.  There really is an art to it and at that point, I was sold!  Sign me up!

The dance wasn’t over; he wrapped the rope around her a few more times in the ebb and flow of their breath.  The more I watched, the more turned on I was getting, which was only amplified by the woman I was wrapped up in, with a well built sexy man wrapped around us both, and we hadn’t even got to the tying up part!

The time came though (before we all did), to give this rope thing a try.  Our man-chair tied one rope to my wrist (a nice red one I might add), and one around her wrist.  Now everyone else was paired up; just two, we were the only threesome in the room (no surprise I should be a part of it huh).

Amazingly, the rope wasn’t harsh or scratchy.  It was very smooth and the knot, as we were shown, was secure but was not to cut circulation off.  We were educated in what to watch for and what not to do, especially when it came to putting rope around necks (a lesson we stumbled into later!)

Our Rigger man-chair opted to tie the two of us together.  Her and I faced each other, sitting on the floor, my legs wrapped around her body, and hers around mine, and our arms wrapped around each other.  He then proceeded to tie the rope around us both while we were sitting there hugging and breathing on each others necks… *breathes again*

This is where it got really interesting.  The sensation of the rope around us was surprisingly good… Actually, it was more than good, it was fucking awesome (if the truth be told)!  It was unexpected to feel so secure and yet so vulnerable at the same time.

Being so open energetically was just making the woman I was tied to, and I breath in sync, which increased the sexual energy between us and we found ourselves practically pulsating together in the middle of the room.  I was bordering on needing a friggin towel; it was ridiculous!  I have never felt like that before… I was in awe of how I was feeling, how we were responding together, the expansion of my mind and the realisation I liked being tied up!  WTF?

It must have been clear we needed a break; no one in the room existed to us during that period of time so who knows how far we would have gone had we been left to our own… devices? Lol, no devices needed!

It was time to untie us and show us some other ways to tie people up;  it was time to tie some hands behind backs!  My head was going “what? No hands? But I want to use them!!!”… *breathing* “Remember, new experiences and more expansion” is what I had to tell myself as they practically had to pull her and I apart… damn…

Our Rigger man-chair tied her up, and while he was busy, I was loose although still tied at the wrist, which he held the other end of, but I still had 4 meters of length to play with… It’s dangerous to be loose when you’re feeling overly sexually charged; I may have found one or two other persons who were tied up and who were feeling a lot like I was, so kissing them was fun… I was amazed at myself; to be so bold, grrrr and raw, it was both liberating and exciting to explore something in myself I’d never known.

The rope was then pulled and I was brought back to my man-chair Rigger, as if I’d been a naughty girl and needed to be punished (yeah, ok, I kinda liked that too).  The rope was tied around both my wrists, with my hands behind my back and around my entire upper body.  It was like being bear hugged but not to the point of crushing, it just felt totally secure and comfortable, as surprising as that sounds.  You really should try it.

Hebari and his partner in crime (well, co-presenter for Sensual Rope Play) were really good in showing us how to tie the knots, variations on ways to tie people up, what not to do (which had some strong lessons), and they they helped us through the entire workshop; true professionals.  Not once did I feel uncomfortable, weird, or scared in anyway.  I would have completely trusted them to tie me up; I probably would have been putty in their hands after witnessing how respectful they were with their volunteer, and how sensual it all was…

We did a debrief discussion and was surprised to find many in the room were like me and had never played with rope before.  Some, who I thought would be the Riggers, opted to be bound and tied, and loved it as much as I did. 🙂

I had only one question before we wrapped up; being late on a Sunday evening and being a few hours drive from home, fully inspired and sexual energy running high… I really wanted to know: “Is Bunnings open at this hour so I can buy some rope?”  🙂  It probably was but no, you can’t really get the good rope from Bunnings, just so you know.

I enjoyed this workshop immensely for both it’s education and for what I found within myself by letting go and allowing the experience to be what it was… which was MIND-BLOWING!

At the end we had free time to enjoy tying or being tied up in whatever configuration we wanted, as we had at the end of all the workshops I had attended. This was the Sex Camp format and it gave everyone freedom to really explore, connect with like-minded people and enjoy their new skills or their newfound fetish/kink.  Yes, I may have found some of my own kinks in the process.

To wrap up my Sex Camp experience; I wasn’t able to stay for the closing ceremony, however, I have to say the whole weekend was a massive eye opener for me on so many levels, and it has started a new journey for me into a scene I was never interested in looking at.  I realised I know so little about the BDSM/Kink scene and while I know, at this point, I’m not into extreme play, there are many lighter levels which I may enjoy if I open my mind and give it a go.

I am also now very interested in doing more tantric work; the energy and feelings I had through the Sex Beyond Genitals workshop and beyond was amazing, actually the word “amazing” doesn’t even begin to describe how truly awesome it was.  The way I connected with both the woman in the workshop and the woman I was happily tied up to, opened my eyes to the power energy focus has on sexual charge; talk about a supercharged libido and removal of inhibitions!  Yeah, I want more of that 🙂

I was on a high for weeks after Sex Camp and like they say, once you expand, you can never go back to what you were before, and I’m glad I can’t because I have a whole new playground, and sides of myself, I want to explore.  Life ROCKS and Sex Camp was a part of my own sexual awakening (yes, I had more to go, and I still have more yet – watch this space!)

If you want to learn more, check the guys out at, Hebari was one of the Presenters. There is an art form to this and to really appreciate it, go find a Rope Dojo or Rigger who has experience in Rope Play, to show you how to do it so you can enjoy it for what it has to offer.  

*looks up her local rope dojo*

Chantelle Austin
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