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Day 2 Sex Camp: Swinger & Anal 101

Wake up time came around all too quickly after only 4 hours sleep!  I skipped the first session, which was “Deeper Orgasms for Women” – I really should have attended and am kicking myself because I didn’t!  Oh well, next Sex Camp, I’m there!  Promise!

So I dragged myself out of bed, which was a big effort because it was so damn cold!  No central heating out there in the bush but at least in the dorm we had an open fire, a toilet and showers in the building!

Once I was looking human again, it was off to the main tent where breakfast was being served.  I was worried it was going to be some wild hippy vegetarian something, which would both taste horrible and leave me hungry until lunch time… Happy to report, not with this kitchen crew!

I was met with smiley happy people bouncing around, cooking and serving (and no, they were not on drugs), who obviously enjoyed their work!  My plate was filled with fresh English Spinach, cooked mushrooms with onion, and a fried egg.  Now I don’t usually eat mushrooms but these were awesome!  It was a culinary success in my book!  This, coming from a self confessed carnivore.  Impressive.

With my belly full, I went down to my workshop space to prepare for Swinger 101.  In all honesty, I wasn’t sure how many people would turn up and was feeling a little nervous, but as a wise friend said to me: “being nervous proves you care about what you’re doing”.  Very true!

A few people turned up at the same time as me.  I put my books and business cards out and met them over near the open fire.  I decide I was going to present from there, just sitting down on some cushions, my back against the bricks with a warm fire right next to me.  Yes, I just wanted to be warm!

Once the room looked like it had 15 or so people in it, I got them to write some questions to go in the box to get things going, and maybe even keep them going if the audience were too shy to ask their questions out loud, which I half expected.

People kept coming in. And more people.  And more people! I was excited at the sheer volume who were interested in being involved in my workshop.  9:15am was start time and I think, and just purely guessing because I didn’t do a head count, there looked like 60 odd people were in the room!

Humbled by the turn out  🙂

I started by sharing the story of my journey and then straight into the question box to kick the FAQ part off.  In a room full of open-minded and intelligent people, you’d think I’d get some awesome questions, right?  Well, the first question I pulled out of the box was: “Would you like to come and sleep in my tent tonight?” Laughter breaks out.  I respond saying there was no name so I can’t say, and to meet me after class lol!

I answer maybe only 1 or 2 more questions and then the room takes over with hands going up in multiple places all at once.  I’m such a fan of multiple hands in… Oh you know where I’m going with that. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. 😉

I won’t go into full details but here is what I noticed about this audience; they were genuinely inquisitive and not so much about the surface stuff, but about the deeper level information like the impact on my kids; was I worried about them getting into sex earlier because of my lifestyle, what our Safe Sex strategies were (which turned into a full discussion about STI’s),  and dealing with jealousy.

We talked for an hour and a half and I think the discussions could have easily gone on for much longer with so many open-minded people who were fully engaged in the conversation. As a presenter, this is the kind of audience I would love to have any day!  Sex Camp really attracted the right kind of people, and for that I was extremely grateful.

At the end of the session there was a question about whether or not I would create a swingers space that night!  What?  I hadn’t prepared for that but hey, we were at Sex Camp so anything was possible 😉  I may have made a comment about following me into the night and we’d see where we end up… but what happens at Sex Camp, stays at Sex Camp so unless you were there, you’ll never know 😉

Once I was done, I was able to relax and could now take off my “professional” hat and enjoy being a participant!  Next workshop, Anal 101!  Oh yeah, Sex Camp had everything.

Presented by the gorgeous, and deliciously fabulous, Cyndi Darnell; Sex Educator and Counsellor, and also the organiser of Pleasure Salon!  She did a marvellous job of presenting anal in a very entertaining and enlightening way, which is not easy to do when it comes to your own ass, or someone else’s!

We got a no-holds-barred anatomy lesson of our entire rectal region, male and female, along with the location of the prostate for men and what it feels like – this was probably for those of us who just figured it was “up there somewhere”.   Don’t panic, I now have a map, gloves and lots of lube!

Cyndi was so relaxed about it all; but then you have to be pretty comfortable with yourself to be able to talk about the issues of “poo” when it comes to anal play.  Secretly I think many people were worried about how to prevent it; I say that so I don’t have to feel like iI was alone, but I think she summed it up nicely “if you really have an issue with poo, then don’t do anal!”  Good point 🙂

I was amazed to see how many people were in the room and the gender split was about even; just as many men were there to find out about their rectal area as women were!  Or were the women there to find out about the men’s rectal area?  Both perhaps? I’m sure it wasn’t just me 😉

I walked away with some handy tips and tricks, as well as much more knowledge about how to make it more pleasurable for him.  *snaps gloves on* Ok hubby, just relax and don’t clench, I have homeplay to do 😉

Next was lunch and then into some Sensation Play with a pair of Dominatrix’s… all that and more in the next post!

(You can find Cyndi Darnell here: and Pleasure Salon here:

For more information about Sex Camp; when the next one is and how to keep in the loop for early bird pricing, go to, and hopefully I’ll see you at the next one!

(For a copy of my book for beginners or the curious, click on the link to – The Essential Guide for Adventurous Couples; Who want to explore 3Somes, 4Somes and Moresomes)


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