Day 2 Sex Camp: Sensation Play Time

Day 2 Sex Camp: Sensation Play Time

Lunchtime!  The only thing I was disappointed about was not having a meat option for all lunches and dinners, oh well.  The lentil burgers were pretty damn good though and my body probably loved me for it, so I embraced it as a new experience.  Mmm, embracing…

Next up I decided to attend a workshop called “Sensation Play”.  Ahhh, I’d been looking forward to it as I knew it was going to be run by the 2 Dominatrix’s staying in my dorm.  I walked in the door to find both sitting at the end of the room, waiting expectantly for their willing subjects to wander in.  Both in boots, one playing with a very nice, black, and very flexible whip in her hands… It was actually quite sensual and almost erotic to watch!

I think Sex Camp had started to have some sort of wild and kinky effect on me… Since when did I find whips sensual and erotic?

I was starting to wonder exactly how far this workshop would go after seeing her whip handling technique (which was pretty awesome I might add).  My slight anxiousness was spurred on with one of them being a self confessed bad girl who introduced herself as “Cunt…ress Gabrielle”, especially when she followed it up by saying she doesn’t play by anyone’s rules. Uh oh, what had I signed up for?

Kink was not an area I’d explored, but at this point I was willing to step into it enough and find out if it would be something I’d enjoy.   Lucky for me, this workshop appeared to be one which might push my boundaries and educate me along the way…

Within 5 minutes of it starting, both women put out an invitation for anyone who may like to come and sit beside them, to do so.  Within seconds, one man jumped up and positioned himself next to Cuntress Gabrielle.  I think it was less than a second before she had her shoe off so he could massage her foot, and then he was in prime position for her to stroke his head like a pet.

All I could think of was “good boy!”  I tried to imagine myself in her role though; could I be wildly assertive?  Could I enjoy having someone do whatever I asked, or ordered, them to do?  Could I inflict pain or tie someone up if they liked it?  Surprisingly, yes, I think it’s something I could get into!

Mistress Electra Amore, the other gorgeous Dominatrix, attracted a stunning man with longer hair and amazing eyes and while he was not ordered, or instructed, to massage her feet, he sat beside her and obeyed her every suggestion, including the ones which weren’t verbal.  She enjoyed sensually touching him, playing with his hair and… stuff…  He was her demonstration model for what she wanted us to do with each other, and in between demo’s, he was her play thing.  He clearly enjoyed being teased and touched, having his hair grabbed and her legs wrapped around him.  A display I enjoyed watching.

Sensation play was about learning how to engage the 5 senses, then activating and learning about, the 6th sense.  I won’t go into too much detail because you should try this one for yourself 🙂

Now when you have 2 Dominatrix’s at the front of a classroom with a whip and 2 pets, you kind of do whatever they ask.  I think it’s fair to say; we surrendered.  We were taken through a number of exercises to shut off one of our senses and see how heightened our other senses became, such as closing our eyes and noticing what we could smell or hear, although I think when we all heard Cuntress Gabrielle starting to wander around the room, her shoes taking slow, determined steps on the wooden floors… Many of us forgot to breathe, wondering where she was going to stop and what she was going to do as she’d already made it clear; taste was her favourite sense and she was keen on the kissing part of the workshop!

She got her wish though; towards the end of the workshop we got to test out our sense of taste, which was also an exercise in the sense of touch… Mmm, kissing… One of my favourite things to do; normally prompted by a few drinks!  This event was a “no alcohol or drugs event” so it was nice to come from a space of natural connection and using kissing to heighten both a sense of taste and a sense of touch.  The guy I ended up kissing was surprisingly soft and sensual.  I liked kissing him.  Yes, yes I did 🙂

When we talked about touch, the sensation of having your hair grabbed came up, to which I may have said (rather loudly) “oh yeah, I like having my hair grabbed!”  Just to be clear; not pulled, grabbed, there is a difference and it’s all in the hand technique!  Mistress Electra Amore demonstrated on her gorgeous model man and he just melted into it after the initial taking away of his breath.  Ohhhhh yeah… that’s what happens to me!

We then got to test that out on the people around us.  I don’t think there was anyone whose hair I grabbed, who didn’t enjoy it!  Yup, see?  I told you so; feels good, doesn’t it 🙂

It was a great workshop!  I had forgotten what it was like to heighten the senses by removing just one of them, such as sight, and am thinking some blindfolded play in the near future might be in order!  Thank you ladies for reminding me to explore and how to take the enjoyment factor up a few notches.  Rule number one, take my time and enjoy… every… moment…

At the end we got some free flow time to just go around the room and use our senses; explore what we liked and just go with the flow, so that’s what we did…

I may have ended up in a four or five way… um… thing… which was a mix of us taking turns at doing slow sensual touches up and down each others bodies; I was slowly dragging my fingers across someone’s skin, then indulged in some more urgent and passionate grabs; pulling Mr Gorgeous Man’s body into mine so we could melt into each other, his back against my breasts… Breathing in sync… I may have been breathing out some warm air on the side of his neck, just below the ear and I may have enjoyed some slow, sensual kissing; my warm moist lips on the back of his neck… Oohhhh *flashbacks*… and with my hands stretched out, moving up the back of his neck, into his hair and grabbing it firmly, triggering some moans of pleasure… I need a moment…

*snaps out of flashbacks* *straightens self up*

Our group wasn’t alone, there were definitely multiple groups indulging and exploring sensation play with each other, and with some heightened group sexual energy on the increase, which we were all feeding into, and off of… It was hard (no pun intended) to break away from it to clear the room for the next workshop *breathes*…

Oh God… can I please do that again?!?!?

(To meet, enjoy, play with, sub to the aweome Mistress Electra Amore and Cuntress Gabrielle, check them out here:  and tell them I said “hi!”)

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