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Who Is Rach Wilson?

Chantelle Austin International's Specialist Coach & Mentor in Non-Monogamy and Open Relationships Internationally

Secret Facebook Group – Swinger Relationship Community

This community is made up of like-minded, open-minded, intelligent people. There are couples, singles, swingers, newbies, just curious, experienced people, polyamorous, all kinds of sexualities and people who just enjoy the mature and occasionally cheeky conversations, but are not in an open style relationship.

As long as you respect the people and the purpose of the group, by all means request access.

Since Facebook doesn’t allow messaging to group members, I have set up a special list so I can email people the highlights from the room since we all can get caught up in our lives and forget to come back to the community. This is my way of keeping it an active group so it’s highly valuable to all who are in it.

This email once a week will occasionally have additional pieces of interest from articles to products or courses which may be of benefit to you. It’s purpose it not to spam you with advertising, only to share what’s going on. You can opt out at any time if you aren’t gaining any benefit from it and I will not share this list with anyone – it is my valued community and I treat it as such…



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