I’m the professional you need to see if…

  • You are considering changing your relationship from traditional to something else, such as swinging, and you are unsure how you’ll both go or how to do it
  • You both want to swing or play with others, but at least one of you has some issues such as jealousy, insecurity or low self-esteem
  • You got into swinging or seeing others and now stuff has come up
  • Your relationship has ended because of something related to swinging or cheating, and you want to be able to attract and create a better relationship next time around
  • You trying to define how your relationship should work
  • You are having trouble getting passed your own relationship programming that says anything other than traditional or straight is wrong/bad (for singles as well as couples)
  • You are discovering some bisexual desires that you aren’t sure how to handle or share with your partner

Basically I’m your transitions expert, when you are going through relationship changes such as going from traditional to swinging/open/poly, or from being in a relationship to being single again and vice versa, (especially if you want the new relationship to end up swinging/open/poly) then I have both personal experience and expertise to help make it all as easy as possible. Equally when it comes to sexuality transitions such as going from straight to bisexual/gay, then I’m your coach!

The Difference Between My Coaching and Counselling

  • Counselling is a lot of talking, which is effective with the right counselleor but can be much slower
  • I use tools to make shifts at the sub-conscious level which makes coaching fast and effective
  • My coaching is no-holds-barred; nothing is taboo or can’t be addressed and talked about
  • Many counsellors are not experienced in, or completely comfortable talking about anything that isn’t traditional. I am very comfortable which makes others feel safe enough to express their real thoughts an feelings
  • Sex, sexuality and relationships outside the traditional box is my zone; it’s only open, honest, supporting and receptive here

Coaching is about identifying the problem quickly, processing it using cutting edge mindset tools that work with both the conscious and sub-conscious mind, and then straight to cementing in the solution using practical exercises that get you into blissful happiness and harmony again.

I certainly don’t want to be working with you for years; I aim for breakthroughs and empowerment, sending you on your way with tools you can use by yourself. If things change and you have a different transition to make, then let’s work together again and get you back on your way quickly, but years together? I don’t think so, dependency doesn’t work for me so if you want to be empowered and skilled up to create your own thri