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My Gynecologist Should Have Been a Farmer

If that title provokes images of a man who’s very matter of fact, standing there with waders on, rolling a giant glove up his arm and just shoving it up the rear of a cow, then you’d be pretty close to the image in my head and thus sets the tone for my most recent experience with a Gynecologist. As you can guess, it wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t pleasant and now I have empathy for cows!
I have an IUD, which has worked wonderfully for me but as with everything else, it has a shelf life so I needed to go and get a new one installed (sounds like software doesn’t it, although there is nothing soft about it!). So I got a referral from the local medical centre (mistake number 1) and made my appointment which, like any specialist, took 6 weeks to get. Did I mention my…

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Now Minus One Girlfriend…

Ok, so that was short lived and I’m not writing this to go into huge amounts of detail but rather to share what I’ve learned about myself in the process. And for those inquiring minds, there has been absolutely no fall out, I’m not devastated or even upset; we are still great friends and she’ll always be someone special to me
Apparently I don’t do much by halves though and when I decided to ask her to be my girlfriend, I hadn’t fully thought out what that might mean to me, her or our respective relationships. I hadn’t considered what could or couldn’t happen or even what I would want to happen. I just jumped straight in and figured I would work it out as I went, after all, it was a totally new space for me to be in; one I never saw myself…

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It Started with Neo Tantra Hotness…

I can’t believe the weekend I’ve just had… a double header as I call it. After Friday night at one of our bestest playmates house, we backed it up with the Luscious Escapes Neo Tantra night last night and OMG, there were so many sexy people there that I had trouble deciding where to spend my time. Well, no, that was easy actually… EVERYWHERE!!!!
We did the usual mingle with a few drinks, get to know the people attending for the night, then onto the icebreaker which always brings a smile to my face, with my eyes closed, lost in the moment of sensual stimulation… fully clothed at that point I might add, even if not much in the way of clothes lol.
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So Now I Have a Girlfriend… OMG!

This was not something I ever thought I would want or do, so I’m a little surprised at myself and oh, have turned into a giddy teen as a result. Ug. I can only guess it’s because it’s so new, the whole having a girlfriend thing. It’s like when I first started dating the opposite sex, there was some giddiness involved then but after 20 odd years, I’m more than comfortable with guys. Now I’m think back to square one because it’s with the same sex (what tha???)… I figure it’s a good excuse so I’m sticking to it!
She’s gorgeous (of course) and we’ve known each other for over a year (so I haven’t rushed in lol), but I found out she’s had more feelings for me than I realised for a while now. Ooo…, we’re…

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Things that Make You Go Grrrr!

To say I’m in heaven right now is an understatement. I seem to have attracted a small number of awesome playmates and OMG, the things they are doing to me are… well… I have no words to describe it other than “grrrr”.
Ever kiss someone and go “oh fuck I want more of that!” or “damn, just pin me against a wall, I want you NOW!”… well yeah, that’s grrrr… I love having playmates that invoke that response in me and have me on the edge constantly wanting more. That’s what I love and that’s as close as I can come to describing the awsomeness that is “my ideal playmate”.
Saturday night was party night and the second he (one of previously referred to “ideal playmates”) walked in the door I…

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