“I walk the boundaries and blur the lines – so others may wander into new territory.”

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Day 2 Sex Camp: Sensation Play Time

Lunchtime!  The only thing I was disappointed about was not having a meat option for all lunches and dinners, oh well.  The lentil burgers were pretty damn good though and my body probably loved me for it, so I embraced it as a new experience.  Mmm, embracing… Next up I decided to attend a workshop […]

Day 2 Sex Camp: Swinging & Anal 101

Wake up time came around all too quickly after only 4 hours sleep!  I skipped the first session, which was “Deeper Orgasms for Women” – I really should have attended and am kicking myself because I didn’t!  Oh well, next Sex Camp, I’m there!  Promise! So I dragged myself out of bed, which was a […]

This One Time, At Sex Camp…

I just had to say it! So I have just attended the first official “Sex Camp” and to say it was mind-blowing (ok more than just mind-blowing), phenomenal, inspiring, educational and loving would be an understatement!!! Before I get to the mind-blowing part though, let me just share my thoughts as I was going into […]

Shedding My Lady, Being My Slut

Shedding My Lady, Being My Slut

Did someone hook my libido up to the power station and not tell me?!?  Did some Prince Charming crawl into my subconscious while I was sleeping and kiss my inner slut, waking her up from her long slumber, ravenous and insatiable?  Maybe that forgiveness work I did a few weeks back unlocked more than I […]

Just Call Me Mistress!

I have to be honest and say that I was never really interested in exploring the kink side of the playground but at the last Saints and Sinners Ball, I got up on a stage and went to town on my bestie’s ass with a cat-of-nine-tails!  Not a real one but after a few lashes […]

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