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Bring Sexy Back!

Sexy has almost become extinct for the average working woman. She has become very masculine in her efforts to keep up with self-imposed demand. I’ve been curious about this point for some time and have done much research. What we now know is the importance energy has to play in our daily lives, masculine and feminine energy in particular and how the balance between the two is critical for sustainability and longevity in a relationship – especially the one we have with ourselves. There is also a lot to be said about the consequences of feminism (yes there are consequences) and how we may have swung the pendulum too far in the opposite direction without considering what it would mean to us 30, 40, 50 years in the future.

I am not going to bring on a political debate about feminism as I truly am thankful for what our mothers and grandmothers have done for us. The very fact that I can share this opinion with you through my own company, is the work of many great women. In my research, studies and a lifetime of working with women and coaching them, I have found that there are a lot of women who are not in touch with their deepest form of femininity – their sexuality and sensuality! They have turned into the provider, The Hunter!

It is essential for a modern woman to acknowledge, accept and cultivate her own sense of sexuality. Bringing sexy back into your life, or discovering it for the first time, is a gateway into your womanhood…. Owning it is your ‘Rites of Passage‘ and a birth right and much needed for sustained energy and innate confidence. Remember our primal instincts as a human being still exist…

In the book by Dr John Gray, Mars and Venus in the Bedroom, Dr Gray goes to mention that a woman is in her feminine prime and most in touch with her femininity when she is sexually active. I’ve done many readings in this area and come to conclude that a woman has access to the deepest part of her primal yearnings when she is having sex, feeling sensual and is most emotional connected (and emotionally intelligent) during this time. A woman needs sexual activity in order to harness her feminine energy with vigor and ownership.

Sex is one of the most powerful ways a woman can connect with her deepest emotions and hearts desires.

With most of the female population working, earning, striving, owning businesses, being the boss, being the leader, providing for families, setting goals and being driven toward success (all masculine traits and energy I might add), there is no wonder the polarity between the sexes is diminishing and divorce is on the rise. Not only that, there is an increasing amount of women not able to find a suitable mate that is ’strong enough’ to satiate her… There is little passion, less attraction, imagination or balance in our relationships and it’s high time we started to do something about it!

Ladies, no one is telling you to stop working or discontinue being the boss, however, it is important to understand that in continuing as you are, you are doing it with masculine energy, an unsustainable energy source for a woman – hence the exhaustion, overwhelm and low libido (or you could have an increased libido with a diminished, unresponsive partner). Women with masculine energy oozing out of them, contribute to the lack of attraction in their most intimate relationships and it emasculates the male partner also. Therefore, the attraction factor is even less as he is now trying to get in touch with his ‘emotions’ while he figures out why he is not feeling passion for his chick anymore… And so the cycle goes.

A woman is more likely to be in touch with her femininity when she is sexually active, when she desires sex, harnesses the energy it brings, and runs with the wolves of desire for its life giving and rejuvenating, sustenance. For a woman, sex is likened to the elixir of life, it is a gateway into the deepest realms of her emotional self.

So, working girl, What can you do to spice up your life? Get Real and Raw and discover your ‘GRRR Factor’? BRING SEXY BACK! By bringing sexy back into your life, you will find the much needed balance that owning your sensuality brings. How long has it been since you actually felt sexy, sensual and passionate? Really? And I don’t just mean in the bedroom.

Sexual energy is a sustainable force you can use all day, once you know how.

You don’t necessarily have to be with a partner to develop your sense of sensuality and inner strength, start with yourself first. ‘Self Sex‘ is a direct way of saucing up your intimate relationship with yourself and being more fulfilled in your partnership is then a bonus. The added benefits of self sex are massive… increased self esteem, self worth, physical satisfaction, body acceptance, innate confidence, stress relief…. Understanding your body brings about the ability to being vulnerable with another (your partner) and understanding how far you can go with yourself, gives you permission to go there with your partner too. WooHoo!

But it’s not just about sex and self sex. Bringing sexy back means taking care of yourself, feeling like you deserve to feel pretty and sensuous, fit and healthy and taking the time to nurture yourself everyday in some way. Most importantly, it’s about how you feel about yourself on the inside. Does this mean wearing a plunging neckline top to work to feel good? No it does not. Sexiness comes from within. It’s your ‘GRRR Factor’… something far more complex than wearing a short skirt and getting a wolf whistle (and lets not discredit the benefits of a harmless wolf whistle).

True sexiness is you being REAL and RAW, it’s owning your femininity and your womanhood on a level deeper than you may previously experienced. Owning your sexiness and developing your own brand of sensuality is your ‘Rite of Passage’ as a woman and the secret to finding balance between work, home, family and relationships.

I designed ‘THE SEALED SECTION’ Retreat weekend (31st-2nd Aug Brisbane’s Glass House Mountains) for this very purpose. It’s critical for women to discover a new way of being that encompasses all of your incredible beauty (accepting your mind body and soul), your dual nature and your nurturing feminine self and let’s remember your desire to achieve great success in a sustainable way. When a woman owns her sexuality and develops her own brand of sensuality, she immediately becomes a stronger, more playful and a more attractive woman – on the inside and out.

THE SEALED SECTION is for you because you deserve to have all of what life has to offer and by developing your sensual side and harnessing your GRRR Factor, you will discover what it takes to have the kind of relationship with yourself that gives you permission to speak up, be vulnerable and love who you are. In addition you will enjoy life without inhibitions and feel good about yourself.

THE SEALED SECTION Retreat is for you if you:

  • Need time out of your life to regenerate, rejuvenate and revitalise
  • You want to ‘Hot up’ or discover your ‘Super Mojo’
  • You are in a relationship that needs a richer connection and more sexual fulfilment
  • You want to give yourself permission to discover your sexuality and sensuality, so you can live a richer life
  • You are a workaholic and simply don’t even recognise the words femininity, sex and girlfriends
  • You want to learn to relate to yourself and others more authentically
  • You want to take your already great relationship with yourself and others to the next level of intimacy and vulnerability

What will it cost you if you don’t attend?

How much longer can you wait to discover your ‘Real and Raw self’?

You will want to take action as soon as possible as there are only spaces for 16 people. This is a small and intimate retreat that can only cater to a small group due to the personal nature of the content, so please make your inquiries immediately. It’s going to push your buttons, I promise!

In the meantime ladies, consider what you can do to BRING SEXY BACK into your life? Just because we are ‘liberated’ women, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be feminine, soft sexy and needy. I need to feel love and I need to feel sexy, it’s how I go about getting those needs met that serves me (or not). Sexy for ME, is about ME and how it makes ME feel empowered, confident and self assured and if it involves another person, well he is the luckiest man on the planet….

Much lovin and self-sexin gals, I look forward to seeing you at THE SEALED SECTION!

Yours Real and Raw
Janelle Manton

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