I’m sitting in an arm chair in my little beach cottage, reading something, on my iPad.  You appear from behind me, to one side, simply dressed…t-shirt and a pair of snug blue jeans, barefoot, of course.   You touch me lightly on the shoulder, leaning over a bit to see what I’m looking at.   I reach my arm around behind you and start caressing the back of your thigh that is pressed against the chair.  I say to you, “I like your jeans, are they new?”  Then, as my attention turns away from what I’m reading to where it should be, I look up at you, and you say, “Do you think you can take them off with just your mouth?”

Losing the iPad, I guide you around to face me.  Still sitting, I inch to the edge of my seat, eyeing the small corner of fabric above the copper colored button and latch onto it with my teeth.  Holding onto the back of your thighs, I’m able to work the denim vigorously enough to pull it free of the button.  Pushing you back a couple steps, I’m off the chair and on my knees.

The zipper is probably going to be tougher.  Thank god it’s not a button fly.  Looking down, your toes, with blood-red nails, are gripping the carpet in anticipation.  I look up and you offer me nothing.  I’m going to have to earn this.  I think back to your toes, lick my lips, loosen my jaw, then use my tongue to lift the pull tab and guide it between my teeth.  Pulling out and down, the teeth begin to spread slowly.  Two or three tries later, it’s down.  And, peaking through the modest gap are shear, off-white lace panties.  And through those a dark tuft.  I look back up and you say, “You’re not even close”, with a sly smile.

Turning you away from me, I’m getting impatient with this a little but I’m determined to finish what I started.  I focus on the hip pockets and grab onto one with my teeth and head downward until the resistance stops me.  Then I switch off to the other one doing the same.  Left then right, right then left. Progress, but not enough.  I need to work the front pockets the same way.  And so I do, but instead I work them down, inch by inch, rotating all the way around until they’re to your knees.  Now I have a full view of your panties.  Completely sheer in the back.  But, you remind me, I’m still not done.

You obligingly, but coyly, sit on the carpet.  There’s light at the end of the tunnel.  I need to get hold of the bottoms of the legs and work them off you.  But, I need to, and you need me to, worship your feet a little before moving forward.  I kiss the tops, just above your toes.  They’re so soft, it drives me wild.  I feel my cock start to swell in my own jeans now that the “work” is mostly done and some fun is to be had.  No hands, just mouth…for now.  Kissing and licking all around, you lift them a bit so I can get to your arch.  Then, to your toes, I start just licking the nail of your big toe.  Then the others until I’ve covered all of them just before I take them into my mouth to suck.

At this point, I glance up at you and your eyes are closed.  Your hand has made its way into your panties and I see your red nails working your pussy through the lace.  I go to work on your other foot.  As you moan and pant, I get harder and harder with pre-come making my pants damp.  Your legs up, I bite the bottom of your pant leg near your heal and pull them off that leg.  I repeat with the other.  I can hear how wet you are with each pass your fingers make over and in your soaked cunt.  Your legs spread, I move in closer as you remove your hand from your panties.  I’m hungry.  I look up and you say, “Mmmm, you did it.”  I take your hand, hovering above your panties, into my mouth and taste you off your fingers…sucking every drop until I’m sure it’s only my saliva left on them.

As hungry as I am for you, I’m a bit worn out.  I lay back on the carpet and, with panties still on, you straddle my face backwards.  I see how the wetness has made its way all throughout the crotch and your scent is driving me wild.  Kissing the insides of your thighs, rubbing my chin and mouth on the drenched lingerie, I go to grab the waistband but, “NO!” you say.  You rock back and forth, more and more, harder and harder.  I feel like I’m going to chafe but I don’t care.  You stop suddenly and back up off me and look down to tell me that I must use my mouth to remove those, as well.  I’m thinking I could just consume them and it would be done with.

You stand back up and I roll on to my knees.  I spin you around so your ass through the sheer undies are in my face.  ”This is my last bite!”, I think to myself.  Waistband between my teeth, I yank my head down like I’m in a dive.  And down they come.  I return to my position on my back and you re-mount.  Grinding away, I feel like a human sybian.  First, on your clit, I lip lock you like a deep french kiss but my tongue is working it all around.  But I need taste more.  I move back to your pussy which is as wet as any as I’ve ever experienced.  Tonguing and stroking it, between your thighs I can still make out your sweet moans.  You’ve taken to stroking my cock now, my pants half way off.  But all the attention is on you, the way we both like it.

We both want at your g-spot.  I insert my two middle fingers and, as I do, you arch your back.  I wrap my other arm underneath and pull you closer so I can suck your nipples while I madly finger fuck you.  ”Oh my god…”, you exclaim as I quicken the pace a bit and feel your pussy juice start to flow more and more.  With no one around, there’s no excuse to muffle your cries which you don’t as you come hard on my hand.  I hold on as you come down from your high.  Then I remove my hand, stand up to step out of my pants.

You’re in another world and my cock is rock-fucking hard.  The hand I just fucked you with is slathered in your wetness.  I rub it on the head of my dick and tease myself a little with it and the sight of you, now rubbing your clit because you want more.  I slide into you slow, just until the head reaches your g-spot.  I leave it there and rock a little, back and forth, until you begin to move with me.  It’s a slow tease that make my cock swell even more inside you.  Pushing your legs back, I plow deeper in.  I love how your feet look when you’re on your back.  I hold you by your ankles so I can alternate between kissing the bottoms and sucking the toes.  Now, with long slow strokes, we fuck harder and faster.  But, you need to come…

I switch to on my back and you on top with your ass towards me.  You slide me in and start to ride me.  Faster, faster…you’re getting wetter and wetter.  Watching you consume my cock from behind is almost too much.  I don’t want to stop watching but I’m starting to feel like I might come.  You’re grinding so hard it almost hurts, but in a good way.  I have my hands on your feet now.  Rubbing them as you ride my cock towards ecstasy.
Coming hard again, you collapse with your back to me.  You’re breathing so heavy and moaning like you’re exhausted.  But, you’re not…not yet.

As I prop myself up, you, almost instinctively, raise your ass up to meet my cock.  I enter you from behind.  I love the way this feels.  A pussy seems to grab the cock a little different from behind.  Pushing against me, it feels amazing because you have two bodies in motion simultaneously.  It’s twice the stimulation.  This is where I start to feel the animal come out of me.  This isn’t sweet, it’s hot.  It’s fucking.  I grab a handful of hair right where it would hit the back of your neck and push down on your ass to get you at just the right position.  Now I’m slamming you hard.  Fucking you so hard my balls are slapping your pussy to the point where a little pain enters, but, again the good kind.  It’s a track meet, at this point.  We’re both going as hard as we can.  I feel it in my chest and in my cock, which is building up to a massive come.  I hear you let loose…the sound I love most in the world.  I hit you a little faster, a little harder and pull my dick out, stroking against your ass a few more times until I spew my load on the small of your back.  Oh my fucking god…