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I Lost My Saints and Sinners Ball Virginity, and I Liked It!

Let’s just say that when you see the DJ banging a hot little thing over the mixing deck, while mixing music, then it’s a fair indication that anything goes!

Welcome to my first Saints and Sinners Ball. While I wasn’t shocked by what I saw (well mostly, there was this one girl that… hang on, I’ll come back to that), it was a new experience and quite a liberating one at that!

Imagine a night club, where everyone is wearing underwear/lingerie or less, it’s mostly ok to flirt with anyone and no one bats an eye lid if you engage in a 3some or moresome with a strap on, on the side of the dance floor (kudos to you guys, that was great to watch!)… ok so while they may not bat an eyelid, they may watch and get inspired to do something themselves; talk about a stimulating place to be!

When we first walked in we were given bags to put our regular clothes in and by all accounts, I looked pretty professional in a grey wrap around dress even though I had knee-high lace up boots on. Underneath I had a beautiful pink and black lacy bodice, suspenders, lace top stockings and a spray tan! It felt kind of cool to look so normal on the outside and so naughty underneath. I have plans to go to work dressed like that one day, if and when I’m feeling particularly wicked but shhh, don’t tell them hehe!

So first stop – the bar of course! The perfect opportunity to scope out the place and do some people watching. There were all sorts there; young to old, straight to gay (and everything in between), mildly naughty to absolutely wicked, dressing in anything from only body paint to bits of string, leather and studs, g-strings galore and I think a decent amount of men wearing them (can’t say that’s my favourite look). Some outfits were extremely flattering and some…. well not so much lol.

It was supposed to be couples and single women only but it was easy to see that some single guys had found a way to get in and stay, I hear some were actually paying women to go with them although I’m sure it put a spanner in the works when the rules became “no lady can leave without her male partner before 2am” ? Either way, sooooo obvious who the single guys were and while many can be great, it was a couple of incidents with 2 of them that were the only negatives of my night. I’ll get to that…

There was entertainment on the main stage at various times during the night, and I have to say “damn, I wish I was that flexible!!!” What I thought was just a belly dancer coming out to dance for us, turned into a stripper with an amazing talent to contort and spin! Dazzling us with a bath scene that will forever amaze me; how the hell does one get so flexible that one can put both legs behind ones shoulders and be spun around in a wading pool at great speeds? It makes me giddy just thinking about it!!

Then another girl (this is the one that shocked me) who is quite happy to be tied up and poised with her bits in the air while her man makes a milk and honey shake in her vaginal canal, has a puppet that discovers a cucumber slots nicely in there (repeatedly) and then sprays the crowd with it once it’s all mixed up! Didn’t see that coming at all!

Oh, but enough about the girls… they also had a male stripper who was HOT HOT HOT! So hot I couldn’t help but wrap myself around him when he arrived before his performance. Later I stole a very passionate kiss as he was changing… as you do. Another single gal was also enjoying having him that night, which was awesome to watch, I decided to go join in for a bit but it seems she’s not so into sharing, so I just cornered him for a few minutes to kiss him in a few places while hubby watched, then I stood up and left him all hot and bothered for her to take care of ?

There were “best costume” competitions for the best female, best male and best couple’s costume. With a bit of encouragement from Mr Wonderful and the people around us, I wandered up on stage with about 20 or so other gorgeous gals. I stood to the side and was the last to be paraded in the middle of the stage, and getting into the mood of the night a did a little strut and bent over so the crowd could get a good view of my little black string G between my nicely spray tanned butt cheeks. Not something I’d normally do but when in Rome…

I managed to get to the final 4 and ended up losing to a woman whose costume was completely painted on! Well what can I say, I’m happy to lose to the better woman in this instance ? Oh, and I believe it will be on the DVD later… yikes!

With 3 levels, multiple dance floors, a bondage area, roof top smoking area and a stairwell, there were lots of options for where to spend the evening and what to experience. Despite popular belief, not everyone goes to this party to play with others. It can be just as much fun for a couple who don’t swing as for those that do.

One of my fantasies was to have sex in a nightclub and it was something I got to tick off my list that night. It wasn’t with any extra’s, it was just hubby, me and the wall I was up against (and the window with the bars I could hold… ) surrounded by “inspiration” in the debaucherous scenes around us. You can’t do that in a normal nightclub! And you can’t wander around in your sexiest underwear either! Ok, well you could but chances are you’d be either thrown out or gain some unwanted attention.

You’d think you’d get that anyway at a swingers party but no, most swingers are respectful and while they may flirt with you, if you say no, it means no and it goes no further. So for a couple this is probably one of the safest ways to fulfil some fantasies with just the 2 of you…. Bonus if you don’t mind involving a few more!

We went into Saints and Sinners with the attitude that we’d dress up (or is that down?), dance and enjoy a night out together and anything else would just be the icing on the cake! It turned out our icing came in the form of another sexy couple! She came up to me with the intention of freaking me out by saying “I just wanted to tell you, you are HOT!” and something else I can’t remember now… but I had to laugh when I found out what she had planned. Me being me, and her being her gorgeous herself, I just went with it!

Needless to say when you have 2 girls dancing so close together their lips are almost touching, our partners were more than happy to let us! A few kisses and caresses later, our partners were tortured by having to stand there while her and I were on our knees, taking it in turns to orally pleasure both of them, swapping from one to the other and occasionally kissing with one of their tools between our lips… It was hard for then to take and even worse when she asked if she could go down on me… so over to the couch we went for some girlie time, eventually me returning the favour. Our men really suffered lol, oh what a night!

The only down side was a few over zealous single guys who saw me on my knees with the gorgeous gal above and thought it was an opportunity to get involved by starting to play with me, uninvited. Thank god for a hubby who alerted me to the fact it wasn’t who I thought it was! The super keen single guy was obviously intoxicated and tried to pick a fight with my knight-in-shining-armour (or was that my knight in shiny hot pants), either way, with no security nearby we decided it was time to move on and thus ended our night.

We swapped numbers with out new friends and headed off home for some well deserved sleep, crawling in between the covers around 5:40am with a satisfied grin and images of the night playing in my head!

So we’ve now lost our Saints and Sinners virginity and look forward more wickedly wild experiences as we raise the bar at our next event. Will we see you there?

Here’s to your sexual evolution!

PS: Mr Wonderful has shared some of his his experience of that night in His View.

Want Help The Bush Fire Victims?

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the devastating fires here in Victoria Australia, and if you haven’t then Google it (you’ll find millions of stories, links and pictures).

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The best part about any tragedy like this is witnessing the human spirit come to life. The amount of donations and fund raisers going on at the moment is unbelievable and I’ve chosen to share one in particular with you for 2 reasons.

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