…I’m starting to think that maybe there is!!! I can’t believe how many people are we’ve come across since starting this lifestyle, that are also into it!!! Lots of “normal” people!

I started a new job and found 2 swingers in the first week, then another 2 within the next 2 weeks (and my area isn’t that large!) Friday night we had my daughters friend’s parents over for dinner – swingers! They’re everywhere! And I seem to have a knack for finding them, lol!

Is is possible that we have a swinger-dar? I mean they talk about gay people having a “Gay-dar”… There is some things in particular that gives me that intuitive “I think they swing” feeling though… it’s like the people who are into it have some particular qualities or tell-tale traits… and this is no means statistically validated, just my personal opinion through a number of “I was right” scenarios:

1. They are very open minded which they will in some way let you know. The statement “I don’t shock easily” or something similar has so far been a dead giveaway when coupled with one or more of the following…

2. Innuendo flies easily and effortlessly and it has an edge to it, in that they can be quite cheeky. They also have that look of “I’m just throwing this out to test your reaction…” Always on the look out to either get a good one (something I tend to do) or be fishing to see if they respond in a way that lets you know that they are into it too!

3. Easy going! Nothing phases them and they are quite comfortable being friendly from the get go, like you’ve known each other for years!

4. Playful! I mean, most of the people we’ve met are… it’s part of the fun so you find a lot of people who are young spirited, probably unconventional and somewhat rebellious are into swinging in some way, shape or form.

Now this sounds like a lot of people we know, and not all of them are swingers. Newsflash: swingers are normal people! I know that might be a bit shocking since there are people out there that think swingers are into all sorts of debauchery (and some are admittedly), but most of the swingers we know are “normal” people. They have families, they are in professional careers, they aren’t all walking around in sexy lingerie having sex parties every night… (although that does sound appealing!) So your neighbour, your parents, your kids (if they’re old enough), your kids teachers, your local law enforcement officers could all be swingers!

Now here’s something interesting, for something that is supposed to be “taboo”, it seems that there are a large % of people who indulge in the extra spice and play-friends. It’s almost like we all agree that it’s “taboo” but do it anyway. Maybe it’s somewhat enticing because it is slightly on the naughty side… nah, even if it was considered “normal” I’d still do it anyway :o)

If you want to know more about swinging, or what it takes to join the swinging revolution (like the rest of the masses who aren’t sharing their secret), check out my book The Essential Guide for Adventurous Couples, you’ll get all your answers and then some, and if nothing else, you’ll be well entertained and educated! Until then…

Here’s to your sexual evolution!